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  1. 16" Wheels & Tires from 2014 Passat Wolfsburg w/Hankook Optimo Tires $420 obo

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    16" Wheels & Tires from 2014 Passat Wolfsburg w/Hankook Optimo Tires $420 obo Set of factory 16" VW wheels taken of 2014 Passat Wolfsburg. Great condition + lots of tread left. Perfect for lease turn in, etc. Were replaced with VMR wheels with 12k miles on these originals $420 obo
  2. For Sale: 17" Audi OEM 9 "Y" spokes with tires

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    For Sale: 17" Audi OEM 9 "Y" spokes with tires **** SOLD **** As stated in title, I have a set of OEM Audi wheels out of my '08 A4 Avant. Wheels are in very good condition and only few marks here and there but nothing bad. The only curb rash Is in the last picture. Other than...
  3. Tires - 18" vs. 19" ride quality vs. appearance

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I'm a new user to this forum, but have been posting to the Audi group for a while now. I appreciate everyone's knowledge here, so I wanted to reach out about previous or current experience with tire sizes. I've just purchased a '10 B6 Passat (attached) and getting ready to do...
  4. Best value Delinte tires for summer season
    The winter season is almost finished and it's the right time to think about new all-season or summer performance tire. And here are two simple reasons for that: 1. Improved handling - summer/performance tires will perform much better in warm and dry conditions. 2. Less wear & tear of your...
  5. Cooper CS3 Touring tires?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'm in need of some new rubber and out of all the name brand tires I've looked at, the Cooper CS3 Touring tires are are the most attractive for price and tread life. Does anyone have any experience with them? I would be going with the factory 195/65R15 size. My days of spirited driving are...
  6. Anybody have an issue w/ traction control from two different size tires on an 02?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have 225/40/18 tires on my car wich i swear are the hardest tires to find. I found one so i bladah bladah i guess a few more tires than i thought were messed up so they decided they would help me and put two different size ones on the back 235/45/18 i believe (cars been in the shop for the...
  7. speedo accuracy with new larger tires

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    OK, so I have these new 225.55.16 tires on my GLX. They are 3% larger than the B5 OEM 195.65.15s, and about 2% larger than the 215.55.16s they replaced. Curious about how much actual difference this would make I fired up Torque on my Android tablet and went for a drive. At a steady 75mph on the...
  8. 15" set of 4 Wellington Wheels and near new tires.

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    15" set of 4 Wellington Wheels and near new tires. SOLD. Selling this set of VW wheels that came on our 2003 Passat, wheels are in great shape and tires still have 90% of tread life left. Wheels are Wellington OEM VW. Tires are Kelly Explorer Plus All-Season 195/65R15. Asking $299 OBO...
  9. Pictures of old and new tires

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    Here are pictures of my old tires and the new larger ones: The older tires are at the top beginning with RR, then RF, followed by there new counterparts. The old tires were 215.55.16 Conti DWS, they have about 30,000 miles on them. The new are 225.55.16 Conti DWS06. I spent some time...
  10. exchanging tires between cars

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So my '04 V6 has been totaled by by insurance company due to hydrolocking. The rims and tires are in better shape than my wife's Wagon. If I choose to exchange them between car before it's picked up by insurance company next week should I put them in the same place as they are right now, FL...
  11. FS: B5 OE 1.8T SMIC Part# 058 145 805 B + Intake Housing Part# 3BO 121 467 A

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    'Perfect Condition' pulled off my 2001 Passat 1.8T AUG sedan when it was new, and went FMIC. As photo shows, not one fin is bent. Easy install, if yours is damaged or full of oil&trash from a blown turbo. $90 + ship.
  12. Yokohama tires with $60 mail-in rebate!
    It is always better to get a set of good winter tires in advance, until the cold did not catch you by surprise. If you live in a place with mild winters and don't really need serious winter tires, all-season tires will do the job. They are designed to work perfectly both in summer and winter...
  13. WTS 215/55/16 brand new tires with OEM Passat rims

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    Link to my Craigslist add. Asking $400.00. Tires are basically new, and they have been balanced. 215/55/16 BRAND NEW TIRES ON ORIGINAL VW PASSAT RIMS !!!
  14. 2012 Passat Tires

    New Member Introductions
    Can anyone recommend a good all season tire for the 2012 Passat.
  15. Larger diameter tires

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Now that I've been driving my 2005 Passat wagon Tdi (with 5sp manual conversion) for almost a year with no improvement in fuel economy, averaging about 32 mpg (US gal ), where a lot of you seem to be getting in the area of 40 mpg, I 've decided to go with larger diameter tires. I need tires so...
  16. B5 passat with 17x8 with 225/45 tires fitment

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    just picked up polished fat five a8 wheels 17x8 et35 came with 225/55 tires and in the front it rubs my upper control arms. I was going to buy spacers but my buddy told me i should be fine with 225/45 tires without spacers.... so i just wanted to make sure before i buy them if anyone is running...
  17. WTS: Passat B5.5 Bistar Wheel Set on Michelin Tires with totes & felts ( Cincinnati )

    Parts For Sale
    WTS: Passat B5.5 Bistar Wheel Set on Michelin Tires with totes & felts ( Cincinnati ) Guy's, My car got totaled and I'm parting out what I have left... Super Nice set of Factory VW Bistar wheels that have been reconditioned to like new.. Wheels are 7J X 17 H2 ET 37 with four new VW...