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  1. TipMod Help

    B5 Garage
    Anyone have good instructions on how to go from the TipMod back to stock? Specifically, I'm looking for instructions on how to reattach all the gizmos within the stock shift handle. TIA...
  2. Need help with tipmod

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I've looked at the information forum article on the tipmod and I can't even get past the first step. My car is in 3rd gear and I'm trying to pull out the silver shift button and f'ing thing just won't come out. Is it supposed to be impossibly hard for that button to come out? Can someone...
  3. TipMod from SPP

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just to inform all of you users and wannabe users of TipMod from SPP that they redesigned Mod and now it fits VERY tight over shift assembly and all lat&vert movments gone(0% tolerance in mine case) :D . WOW what a diff compared to old one, I installed it yesterday and feeling is totally new. I...
  4. Instructions: Installing TipMod

    B5 Information-Base
    Since I don't have any pics of my own, I'm going to plagarize the site's instructions of the SPR Tip Mod installation. :) The original text appears, with my own comments (if any) in parentheses, bolded and italicized. Disclaimer: do this mod at your own risk. The author...