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    Looking for downpipe (no cat) to replace stock. 2006 2.0T engine. FWD, auto. New or used. Shipping to 48114.
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    I don't see my intro post. Are you invisible till you post enough or something?
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    My 2003 VW Passat 1.8T automatic is in limp mode so I've checked codes and it shows a P0102. I ran data on the MAF with code reader but it didn't register anything on code reader. I had issues with a bad relay so no power to MAF at one time so I want to rule out lack of current at wire harness...
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I am trying to make a bench test to run VCDS software and test a Passat instrument cluster while it is out of the car. I used the pinout specs below and the cluster powers up just fine but when I try to run the Instruments test I get an error message saying No Response From Controller. Any...
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    its cold and i dont wanna go outside and dig around for flashlights and open hoods and what not.. i have a big box of parts in the garage and one is a new test pipe for my b5.5 1.8t. how much of a pita is it going to be? when i replaced the turbo over the summer the cat to turbo bolts didnt give...
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    Poor Leakdown Test Results - Help Moving Forward? So my 04 1.8T Passat has an oil consumption problem. I took it to my local shop that I trust. They work on all sorts of euro cars much more expensive than my 04 Passat. I had them check for where i might be losing the oil. The car is stock with...
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    This is a test thread in order to check if I can post normally. Thank you.
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    Hi all. I bought and installed a $120.00 turbo from eBay today. Couldn't find any direct reviews for a 1998 B5 Wagon but thought I would at least give it a try. I have 140 762 miles on it now. It's a stock setup and driven by a 17 year old. Lets see how long this Chinese stuff lasts. :lol:
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, So I was installing a 034 Motorsports 3" testpipe on my B5.5 1.8T this weekend and got almost everything done except when I tried installing the pipe on the turbo exhaust studs I was able to get the one 17mm nut on top closes to the airbox. I could only get the other top nut closest to the...
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    Here is a pressure testing set-up I came up with to test the intercooler ducting to find a leak for the P0299 code. I used my radiator tester and just got a 1-1/4' PVC plumbing cap, a 2" coupling and a 1-1/2" coupling from the local hardware store. I could pressurize it to 10 psi. Found a leak...
  12. Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I really like the laser guided cruise control in the 2016 SE. I also deal with quite a bit of stop and go driving. When I drove a loaner Infiniti recently, it was pretty obvious with how it would start applying brakes or even adding resistance to the throttle when you tried to...
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    Just testing account ability to post. thank you.
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    Testing following the post and diagram on here and when testing the cruise with the 3 paperclips in the connecter the pump runs and stalk checks out but the gas pedal won't go down at all. Thanks for any help, I'm trying to get this done today since I've been through hell and back with...
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    Hey guys ive been through hell and back dealing with my cruise control not working. I ripped out the vaccum pump to test. On my 3rd cruise control module that is for sure working. Changed out turn signal stalk. Checked brake switched and they are in correct adjustment.( I did run tests with...
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    Have a 2002 Passat that was running fine moved it in the driveway shut it off came back an hour latter cranks but wont catch(start). Pulled the code's just one P2096 (catalyst fuel trim system too lean on bank 1 ) But I feel that this can be attributed to the exhaust leak the car has. I do see...
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    Im trying to test out my A/C with climatronic to see if it works. Is there a way to manually turn on the A/C with climatronic or will I have to put a heater on the outside temperature sensor to get it to kick in. It's only about 40F here so not sure if it is just not kicking on because it is...
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    2002 1.8t wagon I've been fruitlessly trying to pin down a leak that is throwing a P0171 code. So far I have found and fixed 2 leaks with a boost leak test, but now I'm coming up short. I've seen DIY smoke machines using an air compressor with a paint can with burning material inside to provide...
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    just making my second post
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    hey guys so i have a 3 inch test pipe for my b5.5 and im getting mixed signals on this some said i need a down pipe others say just the test pipe snd straight pipe to my magnaflow muffler which is right i do not have to pass emissions btw:wrench::driving: