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    I've decided to cheat on my first VW love, a 2000 1.8t Passat. I'm at 173k and it still runs like a champ. I found a 2005 1.8t with 31k miles for a decent price on It comes with 17" wheels. I plan on taking it to a Euro shop in Minneapolis for a software upgrade and possibly a full...
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    well I am going back to stock and trading it in for a B5 A4 V6. lol if anyone here wants to swap their stock with mine. I need $150, and you will need to pay for the labor. thanks. * this is in Boston. oh the TT is a stainless steel system.
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    I am gona get a custom downpipe, so the TT downpipe with the QTP electric cut out welded on has to come off. I am still in the process of finding a shop to do this custom downpipe It's a stainless steel downpipe, and I believe the TT downpipe has 2.5" ID. It fits automatic/tiptronic B5.5 1.8T...
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    Can any of the TT exhaust guys confirm the dimensions of the borla muffler? how long is the muffler, and what is the diameter of the piping that goes in and out (to the tip) of the muffler? is the 2.5" throughout the whole system even near the muffler or does it reduce to 2.25"? Also, what tip...
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    I have never heard of a techtronic transmission but my friend insists there is one. If so, whats the difference?
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    I was told (Techtonic Rep on line) that with there downpipe, performance exhaust, and I mentioned a Wett chip the performance gains would be around 50 to 60 hp. This seems a little inflated to me;actually alot inflated! ,is this for real? This is for a 2002 1.8t Passat, 5 speed... Thats 220...
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    ITS not a FEELER any more... need to sell. EDIT: I'm sorry , but let me be a bit more specific... This exhaust that i purchased a few months back was suppose to bolt up to stock components, back then i was planning on upgrading to PES turbo system which the cat would not be removed...