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    Say What?? p.s.- green color is only the primer. will be black and battery was relocated to the trunk. Check out that custom turbo bracket?!
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    not stanced out yet...wasnt even planning on getting wheels this year but what ever :driving:
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  5. The Showroom
    Since everyone knows me for my car... my new liscense plate fits well i think... yet they always word it wrong, "Oh hey your that one kid with that lowered blacked out jetta with the 18s right":rofl: "Nah... im that one kid with the lowered blacked out PASSAT:b5: with the 18s, bye!":driving...
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    double Post Delete Please
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    Tease (update) teaser pics. KWs, kleemans, fk exhaust, k04 are in. i need a wash so i wont post nice pics till i wash it so for now. ;) feedback plz:thumbup:
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    So the passat finally went in for final body work and such before waterfest if u wana see the car done u must go to waterfest and tell me wut u guys think:thumbup: for those of you that cant go your gunna have to wait till after waterfest to see posted pics:P
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    [/IMG] [/IMG][/IMG] awaiting: (Eibach pro system) plus an already installed badgless grill debating on brake rotors now any suggestions
1-11 of 13 Results