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  1. MAJOR PASSAT PROJECT..Any Advice on Tearing apart is appretiated.. please look.

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    ^^ This is accidental double post. Please delete.
  2. MAJOR PASSAT PROJECT..Any Advice on Tearing apart and Electrical Component?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    MAJOR PASSAT PROJECT..Any Advice on Tearing apart is appretiated.. Please Look So my project here is that i own a 2003 Volkswagen Passat GLX sedan . Its been my baby for 48 hours before someone through or poured a flamable liquid that burned it down into the interior from the passenger side...
  3. A few pics before tearing it down!

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    allI thought I would post some pics of my engine before tearing it down to do the oil pump, rod and main bearings.
  4. Coilovers tearing cv boot? Help

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    im pretty sure my coilovers have torn my cvboot. is there any type of spacers or parts or something that i can do to prevent this?
  5. Can Cooling Fan & Power Steering Pulley be Changed w/o tearing apart front end???

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    I just had timing belt service done @ dealer and they discovered my cooling fan was missing two blades and my power steering pulley was wobbly. "This was caused by a front end collision last November after Van Halen concert in NJ":rockband: The body shop who did the work apparently missed...
  6. Tearing up the Kumhos over the weekend...

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    I was out at Gingerman over the weekend. More photos to come in the next few days courtesy of