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    hey guys. ready for a new look, so im selling or trading these. they are in good shape id say 8.5/10 condition. the specs are 5-112 lug pattern, have hub centering rings, 17" by 7" et38, they are super lightweight, lighter than the tires on them. I noticed a dif in acceleration when I switched...
  2. USA - West Have a few people interested, but really need a place to store and work on the car. North Bay area, Petaluma/Novato/Santa Rosa would be ideal. Anyone interested?
  3. Parts For Sale
    first things first ill have the pics of thes up tomrw, so im sorry to all who hate to open a thread to find no pics as i am one of them, i just went to look at my memory stick and realized i had non on there. fret not tho because im a man of my word and they will be here tomrw so feel free to...
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    For some time now I've been unclear on the exact flow rate of USRT's "415" Genesis injectors. I told Scott over there that this uncertainty makes it hard for me to know what to recommend when software calls for 440cc flow. Should the file be for his "415s"? Or for the 440cc Green Giants...
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    this guy crushes it!!!
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    4 black & white BBS race team decals, these are not stickers but factory BBS high quality UV proof vinyl decals produced by BBS for professional race cars, I purchased these directly from the BBS race wheel center at the Rolex 24 hour race at Daytona, FL. $5.00 each shipped or $16.00 for all 4.
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    We have a 1963 Corvair. That is all.
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    2001 TREK factory Passat wagon on the 'bay just wanted to share with everyone :poke: too bad they can't include the sweet roof rack that was probably on top.
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    I am part of a local show team called Team Elite. After DUB Memphis this year we were offered a magazine feature since they were impressed with our team and knew we were also going to be attending DUB Atlanta and DUB Charlotte on their tour. So the magazine finally came out (the September Issue...
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    I took off my headlights to freshen them up. I removed the cover and the bulbs and all and thought that if i were to spray enamal polish (a spray paint that is clear) onto the chrome part it will create a shinier finish than what currently was dull. It removed the chrome part!!!!! AND it made it...
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    While composing my most recent "name my race team" thread, it hit me. Why not have an official (if allowed by The Greek) or unofficial (if not) PW racing team? All that would be required would be a team name, and from there we could each design our own custom t-shirt on, or...
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    x post from events and gatherings... credit goes to blakwag:lol:
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    I won't be on here much more, I guess (less than now, anyways). My Passat is dead. I hit a patch of ice on an otherwise dry road, in the open, with above freezing temps here in Germany, doing between 70 and 80 mph. My tire went off the right side of the road, onto real soft mud, and when I...
  14. Anything Auto The team gets a high speed police escort through Firenze during the Gumball 3000. You can also download the video in quicktime at I'd like to see this one Google-mashed.
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    Who would they be??? I've been NOT busy at work and was reading things from b5bel, Scuba2001, et-al and got this very strange notion: What if you could pick anyone here on this forum to develope your B5 from front to back, inside and out; engine, tranny, ICE, etc. Who would your team of...
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    Set of 4 Team Dynamic DTM 17x7.5 Wheels mounted on Yokohama 215-45-17 Tires with approx. 60-70% on 2 tires, and 30% on the other two. - Bolt Pattern: 5x100 - Missing one of the center cap. - Shows signs of normal use on 3 wheels, the 4th wheel has been repaired (small bend on the inner lip)...
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    We took some pics of my crew who showed at Import Motion in Sac this past saturday. Were missing a couple of cars, but we still had fun. Let me know what you guys think.
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    The question is to those in DC metro area using services of Martens VW: which team do you let to work on your car?