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  1. Guide to corporate freeloaders

    The Black Hole
    How much did you pay for gas today? How much does your savings account pay?
  2. Poor, poor John Kerry....can't afford the taxes to dock his new $7M yacht in MA

    The Black Hole BOSTON—Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is docking his family's new $7 million yacht in neighboring Rhode Island, saving roughly $500,000 in Bay State taxes. The Boston Herald...
  3. Biden: Paying higher taxes is patriotic thing to do

    The Black Hole And this is just one example of exactly why I would never vote for these clowns. They simply don't get it. They can argue about middle class tax cuts and increasing the tax rates for the "wealthy" but they simply don't grasp the...
  4. WTB!!:got my taxes back

    Classified Archive
    Got my taxes back, and my car is long overdue some TLC. This is what I need for my 99 wagon 1.8t, tip: -a Ko3, my wastegate is toast...need something to give me another year or two. I don't want to rebuild it , preferably low mileage. -a CCM... I have some electrical water...
  5. E-Bay , Congress and taxes they want to charge!

    The Black Hole
    Proposed Internet Taxes Prospective legislation for mandatory out-of-state sales taxes could impact your trading on eBay by requiring you to collect and remit sales tax on all items sold outside your home state. Last year, eBay sellers helped fight for "Net Neutrality," but the...
  6. My taxes, Defense budget & Oil windfall

    The Black Hole
    I was doing my taxes this weekend and like most citizens, grudgingly will pay. I was also doing my annual FAFSA application for education loan for my daughter in college and found out that I'd be paying more interest for parent's loan next July 1, one of Bush's cost cutting items. Then I read...
  7. $551.97 for Bridgestone LSH's rotatated, disposal and taxes?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Does this sound right to you guys, to have the Taranza fully installed and everything? (4 tires)