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    hey guys, anyone know the offset for these tangos? i did a search and found out from Andy Chen that they were et45, just wanna make sure, cause' i was also told on the B5one forum that they're et35 just tryin' ta make sure they'll fit on my MKV TDI, winter set. also, need to get VW center...
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    hey guys, anyone know if VW has a center cap that'll fit these 16" audi tangos? anyone know? -Yi Chen
  3. Classified Archive
    I've got some pretty rare tangos for sale: 16" 5 x 112 et45 all the wheels are in great condition like this: only one has a coupla skuffs, not that bad though: plenty of tire tread left: prefer local pick up.
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    ok i bought a set of tango rims and i have from my old 2000 passat which i lost very very long story ,but the suspension if only 2 weeks old before i replaced it with a lower suspension . make me a offer i want 150 for the tangos and 150 for the suspension :shock:
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    Did I say I love this forum yet :D With the help of 2KT, I was able to find a set of Tangos for a great price, and they're shipping out today or tomorrow! Couple of questions: Okay, since I have all-seasons on my current wheels, I plan to use winters from now on, and get some good tires...
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    Looking to get 4 of these, anyone know where I can get 'em relatively cheap? A couple of dealerships quoted the full price, which isn't bad, but am looking for anyplace that might offer something like the specials that were available a while back. Found that the partsvoice site listed a few...
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    I was buying oil filters this morning and the parts manager told me that he found a *couple* of sets of Tangos squirrelled away in his warehouse. He offered them for under $100 each (per wheel). I don't need them, but somebody might be interested. Drop me a line and I will put you in touch...
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    Let me know how much these are worth...thanks...
  9. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey: I came out of my office Friday to find a brand new A4 in the lot with Audi badged Tango wheels! I know VW has a pile of these around but didn't realize they'd try to get rid of them by hiding them on new A4's! I actually really like the Tango's - had them on my 2000 variant and am...
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    Looking to sell the tangos with tires. Under 500 Miles on them. Anyone looking to pick up a set? or if i can get 4 people to buy one each as a spare, ill do that too.
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    Anyone have pics? I'm looking to get a set...just wondering what they would look like..
1-11 of 11 Results