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  1. Help! Car is a swimming pool

    Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    B4 1995 1.8 RHD station waggon. UK Please can someone help me with an unusual problem? My power windows have a mind of their own and have opened by themselves on several occasions, I observed it happening once, they incremented open in 1/4" drops. This happened one night when it was raining...
  2. swimming pool pictures SUCK < B5 pictures BETTER

    The Showroom
    got tired of taking pictures of the swimming pool that i needed to's some pix of my dub instead :P new additions: not in any particular order JOM Badgeless German Flag Badge Visual Garage Shark Fin De Badged Trunk still trying to source a good set/price B6...
  3. been swimming in my passat

    B5 Garage
    we have had very bad wet weather here and on the way home from work today i got stuck in 3ft of car just stopped.i was stranded for two hours until i got towed out.but my car wouldnt last i got it going seems ok but when i got home i took my oil cap off to see brown sludge...
  4. Swimming pool in my engine bay II

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So...doing a search found this wonderful thread. I recently left my lights on drained my battery and when I went to jump it, I noticed the same pool in my '98 GLS V6. Vacuumed it out with the shop vac and thought nothing of it. It's...
  5. Ne1 catch our Scirocco swimming pool at waterfest?

    The Showroom
    Which attempted the burnout contest, bu tthe effin battery terminal fell off....i was sooo pissed.......but it was fun tho we stayed cool all dayy long i dont have any straight pix my computer ill crosslink it to the vortex let me know what u guys think...
  6. Swimming pool in my engine bay

    B5 Garage
    More specifically, in the area below the windscreen where the battery and brake reservoir sit on my 2000 V6. The car has sat for a couple of days waiting for the rain to stop so I can fix a low tire, and I just popped the hood and saw a good pool of water back in there. I fished around feeling...