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  1. The Showroom
    Ford dealership recently moved across town to a new building and left the old one vacant. So...
  2. USA - West
    Hi Everybody, just thought I would say hi. I have a 2002 blue anthracite gls 1.8t, 5spd(my first vw). Not to many exciting mods yet, I have a student sized buget. :( So far I did the NB sunglass holder, somked bumper lenses, removed passat emblem, and bought a set of 19'' Hartmann M1 mesh...
  3. USA - East
    Hey all, just came across this site while finding out information on replacing my fog light bulbs in my 2001.5 Passat. There is some useful info here and I will try out a few more of the posted suggestions. I am really interested in that tiptronic mod (sports mode etc.). Questions: If I don't...
1-4 of 4 Results