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  1. Boehner wants to sue the POTUS???

    The Black Hole
    so let's see, The Speaker of the House wants to sue the POTUS for the use of Executive Order to get things done on his second term agenda... the current POTUS has used it 182 times. here's a list of some other former Presidents and their use of executive order: Theodore Roosevelt - 1,081...
  2. Can you sue the county for damage caused by highway speedbumps and potholes?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2 times I've FALLEN into beachball sized potholes. One time I had a bus in the oncoming lane and a guy tailgating right behind me so it was absolutely unavoidable. I've had a blown tire from hitting a pothole @ 55 in the middle of the night and I blew out my tire and I always hear a rattling...