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  1. Sub zero major hard start problem..... 1.8T

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    1999 Passat GLS, AEB 1.8T Automatic Front*wheel*drive So, here I am with the dreaded NO start when cold.... by cold I mean below zero Celsius.... so in plus temperatures the passat fired up no problem.... then it got below zero and wham! Haaaaaaaaard start.... so here goes, you get in the car...
  2. OEM Discreet Sub Installed in B5

    Mobile Electronics
    So I’ve had the DSP for a while now and concluded that the amp overdrove the door woofers at higher volumes on occasion...this troubled me and I had to find an agreeable solution-one that didn’t lose me trunk space and gave me decent bass. I ended up coming across the Passat/Jetta Fender...
  3. Passat B5.5 sedan sub FS

    Parts For Sale
    This is a custom sub box that was built by a user on here years ago and I no longer have the B5.5. It is loaded with an image dynamics sub and it is covered in the grey fabric. I am in Central Virginia (Louisa / Charlottesville area) since shipping will be expensive and difficult with this...
  4. home made stealth sub setup Rockford p2d2

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I've been thinking the sound system in my 2003 Passat with Monsoon was lacking a little. I already added a bluetooth setup via the cd changer port in the back but I still wanted a little bass, nothing crazy, just a little. So I started looking for a stealthbox but they were hard to find or...
  5. Sub install on a RCD510 .. Remote wire issue..

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    sorry wrong forum
  6. Adding a sub to a Fender system

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Has anyone added a sub to their car? My wife has a V6 SEL w/ the Fender sound system. Looking for any pointers if this has been done before. Thanks
  7. hooking up sub and amp on stock monsoon

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys i found this harness on ebay and was wondering if you guys thought it would work on my 04 vw passat GLX Amplifier Amp Interface Adapter Wiring Wire Harness 1 | eBay
  8. FS: 12" MTX sub, brand new

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new MTX 12" 800 watt peak sub woofer. I've also got this posted on craigslist for $120 so here is that ad -> New 12" MTX car subwoofer I love this forum so anyone who's a member on here can have it for $100 + shipping. never been used, in original box, just awaiting a box, amp and a...
  9. Sub box- Bose from A4 or A6?

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone know if the bose sub box from a A4 or A6 wagon will fit in a b5.5 passat wagon? I am thinking the A6 might be a good fit with some modifications.
  10. Aux input and aftermarket sub+amp install - Where to start?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, after acquiring my 03 Passat b5.5 I've since bought a set of 18's which are due to be fitted. The next thing on the list is to install an aux input to the stock headunit and install my amplifier and subwoofer I removed from my previous car. I've searched all over passatworld and other...
  11. 2014 Passat aftermarket sub and amp question

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2014 Passat SEL Premium TDI with the Fender audio system(RNS510 - US Version). I simply want to add a subwoofer to the existing factory system. I've seen several posts about replacing the entire system, etc. but all I want to do is disconnect the existing sub hanging from the rear...
  12. Need some audio help

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2014 Passat SEL Premium TDI with the Fender audio system(RNS510 - US Version). I simply want to add a subwoofer to the existing factory system. I've seen several posts about replacing the entire system, etc. but all I want to do is disconnect the existing sub hanging from the rear...
  13. Hooked up electrical in doors that were unplugged.

    The guy who owned my car before me said either the speakers(including sub and amp) or windows were causing the battery to die and got both unhooked so that nothing in the passenger and the 2 rear doors worked and absolutely no speakers. The other day I got the speakers(not including sub and amp)...
  14. ATQ Sub mount replacement w/o service postion?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    As the title says, can anyone point me to a writeup on doing the snub mount on a V6 w/o using the service position? I see people talking about it in threads, but no specific links on the topic. Thanks.
  15. Sound System Install

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm installing: 2x 600 watt RMS (1,200 watt peak) Directed SX12D4 subs 1200 Directed D1200 600w RMS (1,200 watt peak) I have a Clarion CZ102 stereo. Will be running the setup on 4 gauge wire with a 100A fuse. Also have aftermarket speakers. I've been researching online and can't seem to...
  16. Why doesn't a search of the B5 Info Base or Garage sub forums return any results?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    for even the most simple search terms?... like oil or wheel?
  17. B5.5 wagon custom sub enclosure

    Mobile Electronics
    After installing my pioneer head unit, I realized that my wagon was lacking bass. I wanted to install a sub enclosure but didn't want to sacrifice space. I decided the right side behind the rear wheel would be the best spot for my 10" sub. I used some cardboard and made a template. I...
  18. Sub Set-Up

    Mobile Electronics
    Months, Weeks and Days have went by since i had my (2) 12" subs hooked up in my trunk. Overall, I'm looking to leave the sub box out. and build a custom sub enclosure for the Passanger side of the trunk. My idea is to build a fully costum fiberglass box that will tuck into the cubby hole on the...
  19. leaking sub frame?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i looked under my car because i slammed over a speedbump that was too high (car is lowered) so i wanted to make sure i didnt damage anything. and i noticed theres this vaseline colored goo coming out of the sides of the subframe area. its like yellowish white/pale color. is this a leaking...
  20. Adding a seperate sub to factory monsoon?

    Mobile Electronics
    My monsoon system sounds ok, but it lacks a little punch. I have a really nice Infinty 8" sub that's brand new just sitting at the house. Would it add much to the stock system? Could I just run it off the factory amp? Run it in series or parallel? Just looking for a little more bass. Not trying...