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  1. New to PassatWorld

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    Hey all, I'm currently a student, going to Idaho for school but a long-time resident of southwest washington/portland metro area. This weekend I just came home from school to snag a car my dad helped me pick up while I was away at school. I got a 2000 Passat Wagon, GLS FWD 2.8L V6. Standard...
  2. Transfer Student (Noob)

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    Hello all, I am a transfer student from a land of stuck up jerks and haters (*cough cough* Vortex *cough cough*) I have owned my first VW for about 18 months now and have really enjoied it, but mods of any kind are all new to me. I have been a long time reader but wanted to have my car looking...
  3. My /new/ passat. CCM and flooding problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I'm 17 and a student currently. I've had a 1999 passat waiting for me ever since maybe 2 years ago? I just plugged a battery in and well... the alarm went off! I checked and there was a lot of water behind the back seat. I cleaned it out and used Turtle cleaner. I was pretty...
  4. College Student Looking to Buy

    New Member Introductions
    I'm from Chicago and will be going to LSU next this fall and in the market for a VW car, either Jetta or Passat. I will posting another thread in the b6 section because i have a question pertaining to a Passat that's for sale. I personally think it's over priced but i will give you all the...
  5. Coilover options (student budget)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I have gone back to school (after being a mechanic for 6 years) and I am looking for some options to get my car lower. I am on a budget and am looking at the JOM or the FK streetlines. Right now the car sits on the FK highsport kit (60/40). I would love a set of ST coilovers but they are a...
  6. $1000 student bonus u say?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys jsut got word of my extra $1k bonus in my income tax for school and i think (since i cant find a cheap old z to pick up) im gonna chip my car adn get a new DV also cuz i cant find springs for my car.. basically i wanan get the APR 93 program and im kinda questioning which DV wuld be...
  7. 14-year-old boy charged with manslaughter in the death of fellow high school student

    The Black Hole
    The article is here: In a nutshell here is what happened, a 14-year old punches another adolescent in the school yard over a ball cap and the blow kills him. The kid has been charged with manslaughter. What do you do with...
  8. HELP ME Maintain my B5 ..COLLEGE STUDENT BUDGET (56k warning + i searched a lot)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    To start off, i have a 99 1.8T AEB. im currently a college student on a budget. i have a couple things that i need and would like to fix on my b5. I would like to make it last before i make it fast. there's soo many things i wanna do to it mod wise, but i feel that proper preventative...
  9. What if the Real Mcclaren came back! Student concepts.

    Anything Auto
  10. Are you a student? Wanna be in the Movies?

    The Black Hole
    Here's your chance... "Students pay good money for college educations." If you're a student and you have a professor that talks endlessly about politics instead of teaching, Evan Coyne Maloney wants you in his documentary.