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  1. So, how about that Stimulus package?

    The Black Hole
    Biden: Stimulus doing more `than we had hoped' Biden defends stimulus plan Really? Now, keep in mind despite all this, only a fraction of the stimulus that was reportedly marked for spending has actually been spent. Should the remaining money go unspent/be "returned"? Afterall, even if you...
  2. Warren Buffett says second stimulus might be needed.

    The Black Hole
    Ya know... Follow: "Buy when others are scared" A second stimulus will make things WORSE -- NOT better Warren. But then again, if you're in a position to buy, I guess you want that, eh.? I'm starting to lose respect for Buffet...
  3. How will the government stimulus plan affect you? the breakdown

    The Black Hole
    here it is broken down
  4. Let's throw more money at the problem. New Stimulus package

    The Black Hole
    So Obama is proposing this new $825 billion package to stimulate the economy and promote job growth. I'm with Republicans on this. IMO this is ANOTHER wrong move.....but either way. Can anyone please explain how this package is going to create jobs? I just don't see it. Only thing I see is...
  5. Thoughts on a stimulus plan...

    The Black Hole
    How much college debt does the Stafford Loan and other federally subsidized Student Loan programs hold? I had a thought... spending stimulus money on forgiving Federal college loans could work wonders. If something has to be done this makes considerable sense. It would improve countless...
  6. Selurffoeg's Stimulus Part-out Sale!! (tons o' pics)

    Classified Archive
    OK, as some of you may know, my B5.5 is no longer. So that means i need to get rid of stuff. • Please read details for each item individually (local gets priority for larger items) • Items can be combined to reduce shipping. • Paypal only • Reasonable offers will be entertained • do NOT PM...