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  1. Stewart vs. Cramer; Stewart wins!

    The Black Hole][/COLOR]The Daily Show Watch the full version of the Jim Cramer interview. Awesome. Jon Stewart is an American Hero. Jim Cramer was good too in that he was magnanimous. I have a simple (yet serious) question though... is a guy in Cramer's position barred from trading...
  2. WTB: Stewart Warner gauges

    Classified Archive
    I am looking for the following Stewart Warner gauges Boost/Vac at least 25psi Voltage Air/Fuel Guage Ultra Shift.(G.U.S.) Let me know what you got!
  3. Stewart Warner Perfect Match Boost Gauge (Metric)

    Classified Archive
    Comes with the column pod, perfect match LED, t-tubing and LED controller as a set, will not break up the sale. Asking for USD100 shipped to the US, UK or australia. I'm from Singapore and am PayPal verified.
  4. FS: OEM Single DIN Pocket, Stewart Warner Boost Gauge, OEM Bumper Markers, and more

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    FS: OEM Single DIN Pocket, OEM Rub Strips, OEM Bumper Markers, OEM DV, and more Well i need some money, so im going to try and clear out this stuff from my basement. OEM Single DIN Pocket (perfect for people with a Double Din radio stock and wants to upgrade to a aftermarket single DIN without...
  5. FS: Stewart Warner Boost Gauge

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    Well i bought Paul's (quality_sound) quad a pillar and im getting a crazy deal on some new gauges so im selling my SW boost gauge. Here are some pictures of it: I mounted it into the center air vent, this vent is still fully functional. It is not a perfect mount and the gauge itself still...
  6. Stewart Warner Gauge Set

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    I have a set of SW gauges that I bought from 42DD's for $252 back in March. Stewart Warner 100psi oil pressure gauge and relocation kit with blue LED. Sells for $95 plus shipping. Selling for $75 shipped. Pictures below.
  7. Stewart Warner gauges

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has anyone gone with Stewart Gauges, specifically the boost gauge and the a/f gauge? I'm wondering how the look with illumination as I'm thinking about swapping out my VDO boost gauge for one and adding the a/f. If you've got them in an A-pillar mount that would be great.
  8. Greg Stewart - Sunnyvale, CA

    USA - West
    Just bought my Passat about a month ago and absolutely love it! Just thought I would join the ranks... 2000, 1.8L Turbo, Automatic - Slate Grey Greg
  9. Nick Stewart - Los Angeles, CA

    USA - West
    Nick Stewart - Los Angeles, CA. I'm on my second B5, this one being a '99.5. My first one was a '98 1.8t, with pretty much every mod available for it at the time put onto that bad boy. It was featured in two magazines, shown at the LA Auto Show and SEMA, and won a gangload of trophies at...