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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I want to get rid of these aftermarket chrome catastrophes the previous owners saw fit to install. I want a simple set of steel wheels I can toss some hubcaps on. I've searched extensively and cannot find a simple steel wheel (15"). Do they make these for VW?
  2. Parts For Sale
    Selling original B5.5 (2001.5) 15" steel wheels with VW OEM covers. Not the original covers from 2001, but later Beetle covers. Excellent condition, no bends or scratches. $100 Prefer local pickup and will consider meeting you (within 20 miles of Warren County NJ) Pictures will follow.
  3. Parts For Sale
    for sale is a part i had planned to put onto my car, but.... well... i sold it (the car). LOL it's a 42 Draft Designs high flow OEM fitment catalytic converter. if you go to stage 2, they require you to typically have a high flow cat, or a test pipe, and this will be the best solution as it is...
  4. Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    From NOW until 10/7/2017 save up to 15% on ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake lines!! ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines For Your CC Click HERE for VW CC 2009-2017 ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi! It's been quite awhile since I posted here last but still have our 03 1.8T and going relatively strong. I noticed tonight that the mesh covering or woven steel cover on the front part of the exhaust pipe is slightly torn and unraveling. There are no strange noises and no CEL - all seems...
  6. Parts For Sale
    I know...kind of hard to think snow tires in May. But get them now and don't be late when you need them! Came off of TDI Golf from buy back, used 1 season 5x112 Lots of tread left Pickup in Northern Virginia area. I am willing to drive a little to meet.
  7. Parts For Sale
    "Winter is coming..." They're very low miles on the tires, tread looks great and i'll go snap some pics. $125 for all 4 Rims are steelies w hubcabs. Not sure how i'd ship these so let's try to do local before we cross that bridge. Obviously buyer would need to pay shipping/packing costs.
  8. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Have a stock B5.5 wagon. Am I able to fit 205/70/15s where there is currently 195/65/15s? Would there be any issue with clearance?
  9. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi, everybody. I already have a set of Pirelli Sotto Zero snow tires for a 17" inch wheel. I love them and would like to keep using them. I'm looking for a set of steel wheels in one of the following sizes: 17"x6.5"; 112mm bolt pattern; 42mm offset 17"x7"; 112mm bolt pattern; 42mm offset I...
  10. Parts For Sale
    I have several sets of 15" steel Passat wheels in NEW condition. Have not been run on cars(spare tire wheels). Wheels are OEM stock wheels, not "compact" spares. Selling for $30. each, located in central NY State. Will ship at your expense.
  11. Parts For Sale
    Set of (4) genuine VW 6Jx15H2 ET 47 steel wheels with 5x112 bolt pattern. Asking $20 for the set. All true. No bends. Only blems are where weights were removed. Upgraded my brakes and these wheel will no longer fit. Otherwise they're in excellent condition. Used for 3 winters. Bought...
  12. Misc for Sale
    WTS: Pebble Steel Smartwatch in Brushed Aluminum, reduced to $200 shipped! Up for sale is almost new Pebble Steel Smartwatch in Brushed Aluminum. It took me 7 weeks to get it & I only wore it no more than 6 times. The metal band is still in the plastic & never worn. I paid $249.00 for it. It...
  13. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi all, Just bought a set of 16" steel wheels with winter tyres. I run satin black 18" OZ Ultraleggera's in the summer :) So I'm thinking of spraying the black steel wheels in off-white/light cream to make them stand out. Its a fjord blue B5 Wagon. Anyone done anything similar? If so pics...
  14. Parts For Sale
    SOLD -- (4) General Altimax HP 195/65 R15 91 H tires with steel rims (steelies) SOLD!Tires were bought new and used for approx 1 year - It may have been 9 months, it may have been a year and a half… I can't quite remember. A pic showing tread remaining is shown. I bought new rims (larger) so...
  15. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Anyone know of a place to buy baby moon caps for my steel wheels? Looking at my rim I don't see how it would fit unless it fastened over the lug nuts.
  16. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have a 2002 Passat, 1.8T. I have the stock 15" steel wheels on there. My hubcaps are looking bad, and I'd rather have alloys on there, anyway. Specifically, the 9 spoke wheels listed as #69770: Hubcap Haven: ALY69770 Volkswagen Passat Wheel Silver Painted #3B0601025KZ31 Would I be able to...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Im new to the forums and Im planning to make my car into a sleeper I also did my first mod recently, I got a Forge wintake system for my 2009 b6 passat but i have no idea where to put the heat shield.
  18. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi All. I just got myself 17inch alloys for my B5.5. I previously had steel/non alloys on it and I used the steels nuts to screw on the alloys. Does anyoe know if you need specific nuts for alloys or do the steel nuts work just fine? I heard that the steels nuts can eat through the alloys so I'm...
1-19 of 188 Results