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  1. Feeler - (WA State) 2000 B5 Wagon, V6 w/5spd, Leather, NON RUNNING

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    Hey all, I'm finally getting around to getting this lump of steel and money out of my driveway and into someone's hands that will put it to use. It's a 2000 B5 Wagon, in White, V6 w/5spd manual. The engine is functional but barely. Known issues prior to parking it 2+ years ago 1. CCT worn. Bad...
  2. Greetings from the sunshine state!

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    The weather over here is hot. Yes.
  3. Check engine light ON. State Inspection up! HELP

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    My check engine light (CEL) was ON in my passat car. I brought it to service station, they run the scan and said it needs coolant sensor (CTS) replacement. P2181 code. As my inspection is due in 2 weeks I asked them to change the coolant sensor. They changed CTS and reset the code and CEL was...
  4. Hello from Washington state!

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    Hi guys, my name is Andre and I am the happy owner of a 2012 VW passat S 2.5L 5CYL!!! joined the club to share knowledge and avdices amoung each other! thank you for letting me part of the forum
  5. Hello from Delaware (its a state!)

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    Last week I bought a 2004 GLX V6 4motion wagon... so far its been good, but its only been 1 tank of gas. I always wanted a wagon - just hope I made a decent choice.
  6. Proper functioning of dashboard lights wrt ignition switch state

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    1998 Passat 1.8t Sedan B5 I have an embarrassing question - what is the proper functioning of dashboard lighting with respect to position of ignition switch and headlight switch? This is what I currently see: If I start my car, the only lights that remain on (with the headlight switch to off...
  7. Looking to move to another state

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    Major life changes and having a whole different perspective on everything in general has brought me to point where I am trying to come up with a plan to move to another state. New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Southern CA. are on the list of most potential places to move to. This isn't going to be...
  8. new passat owner, from tge great state of iowa.

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    My name is cody and im a new passat owner from the great state of iowa.
  9. New Guy. B5.5. WA State

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    Hey guys, new to the forums, although I have been lurking for while. I live in WA state so if anyone from around here knows of any meets/events this summer I'd be happy to show up (although my car isn't worthy YET). I'd post my car and my plans for it but I think the garage would be a more...
  10. out of state TDI registration

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm looking to buy a 05 TDI from TEXAS but i'm not sure if it I will be able to register the car in CALIFORNIA. CA has strict smog regulations The sticker on the car does not say 50 state/california certified Actual sticker on 05 TDI i've been to the ca dmvw website Buying a Vehicle...
  11. A sad state of affairs

    Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    Hi Im new to the site and looking forward to to some great information exchanges! My story- I bought a 96 Passat tdi a few years ago as a dedicated long distance commuter. I drive from Minnesota to Florida and back sometimes twice a year. I beat the crap out of this car and she took it well...
  12. State Farm ripped me off again, the shady buggers!

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    State Farm Insurance ripped me off for $3,000 last year. Now a State Farm customer totaled my daughter's car, and State Farm is refusing to pay for the rental car! Her accident was on April 15 and she didn't get a check from them until May 3, but they are refusing to pay $600 worth of rental car...
  13. State of the art starter kills!

    USA - East
    Hello passat world members. Like the title says i recently graduated to become an MECP mobile electronics certified professional. I can do car alarms remote starts . Radio installations... Custom installations.. Fiberglas.. Custom subwoofer boxes.. Heres a link to a video that i made to give you...
  14. 1999 Passat 1.8T owner from Washington State

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    This is my first noob post. I have a 1999 1.8T sedan with possible CPU/ECU/whatever problems. I'll be replying to similar posts in the Garage area soon... FWIW, on occasion, the car cranks but won't start for a while. The most recent time this happened, it took a very long time before it...
  15. VT State Police cruiser decal

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    So I just came across this on another forum I frequent and thought I'd share. Hopefully it's not a repost... Inmates pull a funny on the Police! - The Sportster and Buell Motorcycle Forum Here's a copy/paste so people will still know what we are talking about when article is no longer...
  16. State police / HID's

    USA - East
    Just an FYI, I saw a silver state vehicle today on rte 1 in Waterford all decked out with tint and about 6 different antennae on the trunk. It was also sporting some HID's. It wasn't quite dark yet, but foggy so I could see the car well as I passed, but he still needed headlights. I think they...
  17. Georgia, the state, not the country

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    Interesting site for those of us with aging Passats.
  18. Bay state newbie

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    Not new to builds and forums but did just pick up my first B4, now I'm ready to make it a commuting machine! Muwhahaha anyway, just wanted to drop in and say what a great forum this is! :thumbup:
  19. Wow, the NY State Police have issued me a ticket!

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    and it was from July 2nd... it must be true, it's in my junk email box! there's also a zip file, supposedly containing the ticket! :hmmm: and the return email is [email protected]??? ;)
  20. Do I need to pay tax on an out of state motorcycle purchase?

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    -This might be a dumb question, but I am unsure I am shopping for a bike to buy. I live in New Hampshire that has no sales tax on purchases. If I buy the bike from, say New York, do I need to pay New York sales tax on the purchase even though I am registering in New Hampshire? I do not think I...