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    New, old, whatev. As long as they're lower than H&R OE's, but not slammed on its nuts. PM, reply, whatever you like. I need them asap.
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    Well i started to look for lowering springs for wagon. Looked at tire rack and other places cannot find nothing for wagon only for sedans is there a big difference ??? I need to lower it soon
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    For sale: Neuspeed Sport Springs for B5 1.8T wagon and a Phatbox. Neuspeed springs will give you a drop of about 1.5" front and rear. $165 shipped The Phatbox works great and I have all the original paperwork, manuals, CD, VW specific cable, and docking station. Has the 20GB hard drive. The...
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    I was just woundering if springs for a fwd a4 would work on a passat. I know the fronts are the same but idk about the rears. Cause i ordered springs for my passat and i was surpose to get them next week and now there on a 2 month back order but they have some for the fwd a4. So if anybody knows...
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    Looking to buy a set of H&R OE Springs 54773.55 for my 04 sedan V6 FWD
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    Guys; I want to know which brand of lowering springs can help to drop my B5 2" I currently have H&R and want to drop a little bit more but I dont really want to spend my savings in coilovers. My B5 is a GLS 4 Cyl. If can provide part numbers will be gratly appreciated Neuspeed? Koni? Eiback...
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    Any suggestions of where to buy H&R OE Springs 54773.55 I found them at for 240 shipped I think its about as cheap as I am going to find them!
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    Hi all I have a set of 4 H&R Sport Springs. Used to be in my '99 V6 sedan, but previously had it uninstalled cause my sister can't drive my car lowered. I'm selling for $300 obo. Email me at ghindra[email protected] for pictures. I live in Orange County, CA. price is including shipping or local...
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    I live in Corpus Christi, Tx. I got New wheels and v-maxx coils so selling the old Items. Asking: 200 +shipping obo for the wheels. The Springs fit 2001.5-2005. 50+ shipping obo for the springs. About 15k on Them Also Accepting reasonable offers. need money for my next project. Thanks Everyone.
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    Hey guys Trying to get some extra cash for a project im doing. Selling all 4 of my old wheeels ( Reason: Got new ones :)) . And newspeed sport springs with about 20k on them . Wheels= 200 + shipping OBO Springs= 50 + shipping OBO
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    I have a 99 Passat, i go the car already with a 1" drop on it. has some bilstien shock with an inch drop with the eibach springs on them. 2 questions. what causes the inch drop? the springs or the shocks? they are farely new. I know i need to replace the shocks because i feel everything i run...
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    Okay, Dereik, a thread has been reserved for you to post pictures of you coil install. Do eeeet!!! :P
  13. Anything Auto
    As some of you know I have a corrado with FK coilovers. In order for me to fit some pretty bid and wide wheels on the corrado I had to increase the height of the front coilovers to almost the maximum the spring perches would go. The helper spring is fully compressed and the main spring is...
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    Just upgraded to other suspension, around 100k and the car didn't had any noises of problems. Out of B5.5 wagon, 1.8T tiptronic. $50 plus whatever is the actual shipping to the lower 48 states fedex ground with tracking, paypal only. Almost 500 positive feedback on ebay.