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  1. Anything Auto
    We're considering getting a toy car to putter around in (and with) and basically we've got it down to one of these: Alfa Romeo Spyder (any vintage) Fiat Spyder (any vintage) Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite Triumph TR4 or TR6 MG A MG B (but pre-big bumpers and smog crap) I know that's a...
  2. B5 Garage
    Vogtland Sport or H&R Sport W/ Bilstein Sports 6512, 6542 - Early perch fit on 6512? I have searched for days and have found lots of information that seems most is from 2004-2008. So I am asking for more specific and up to date experiences and knowledge! Thanks. I have an 11/99 2000 model...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Are the front's only hydraulic, using only oil to dampen and rebound? How would you know if an "oil" damper was still good? Are the rears hydraulic and gas assisted? Reason why I ask is because I stumbled upon a pretty good deal. Owner says shocks might be blown in the front because they don't...
  4. The Showroom
    wow that pic turned out rather crappy, i will get better ones tomorrow.
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 1998 1.8t Looking to replace all control arms and suspension I have 16" OEM alloys, currently not lowered and not interested in lowering. 1" wouldn't kill me, but any more than that and I'll have to slow down on our bad roads, so I don't want that! I like taut suspension but don't...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    1999 V6 sedan - second hand car though I'm ordering new struts. How do I tell if I have a standard or sports suspension? thanks
  7. Parts For Sale
    Pretty much brand new rims, and brand new tires. looking for local buyer in spokane WA, but will meet halfway for idaho, and surrounding cities. less than 100 miles on both rims and tires, no curb rash, little bit of brake dust on the front left rim, but can be removed. wont take lower than 800$...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Hey Guys Posting these up for a good friend of mine Up for sale is a set of ADR M-Sport wheels like these 2 of the wheels have tires on them with good tread and 2 are shot. 2 tires have been dismounted by a shop and the shop said they need to be replaced...
  9. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey guys, Does anyone know if audi A4 sports (17x7.5", 45mm offset I believe) w/ 235/45 tires will fit on a B5 wagon without spacers? I'm a little worried I'll be pushing the clearance too tight, would something like 5mm spacers on the front and 10mm on the rears be advisable? Thanks.
  10. B5 Garage
    I initially had H&R Sports on my 4Motion wagon but I took them off. I was looking for a factory 1BE drop with corresponding stiffness. H&R drop was ridiculous. Right now the car has almost perfect GT stiffness with Bilstein Sports, but it is on stilts! Any other options for the old girl...
  11. The Showroom
    H&R Sports and Bilstein Sports..finally WITH REVIEW AND PICS Review update with rear shocks installed below. SO as you have read in my other thread I have them installed. Now the fun part: DAMN! Toe FTW!!! And for all my friends: :bowdown::thumbup:
  12. Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    Can anyone confirm that the H&R Sport springs for 2009-10 (part #29162-8) works for the 2011 CC? I am assuming they do, just want to make sure before I pull the trigger.
  13. Events & Gatherings
    For those that dont know me, I'm the organizer of the Big SoCal Euro Gathering's in San Diego to Los Angeles as well as the NorCal vs SoCal Euro events. I also the founder of The last couple of smaller events, we had over 600 cars each. The Big SoCal Euro Gathering event we do at...
  14. B5 Garage
    Another PW member came over yesterday to use my VCDS to changs his TIP from Standard to Sports mode. He had a PW write up to guide us. It's a 2003 1.8T with a new GIAC chip (Aside: there's a GIAC dealer in OKC!). I'm always happy to help and we gave it a shot. Then we hit a snag: his code is...
21-35 of 276 Results