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  1. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I saw that ECS has a plug-and-play tuner on sale for $200 for the 2.0t. Seems like a good deal at 100 bucks off - it claims gains of +25 HP and +35 torque. Dinan is pretty big in the BMW tuning world...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2000 Passat 4-Motion GLX Wagon, 2.8 ; 1BA (no “sports suspension” package) I’d like to replace the struts/dampers. The rear ones are okay, but the front ones bounce too much (old age and/or by-design). I don’t want to change the springs. From the many posts on this forum, including those...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Title says it all! PM me with offers
  4. Parts For Sale
    All wheels are used. They all have some rash would be great candidates for refinishing. 5x112 17x7.5 45 offset Come with all 4 center caps 235/45/17 Michilen As/3 I'd say a good 60% tread left 300 picked up. Knoxville TN. Will meet
  5. Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    New B7 race car. Learn more on Facebook at Fitzpatrick Autosport
  6. B5 Garage
    I will replace my shocks and I was wondering whether sports shocks would work with stocks springs. To be more precise, are sport shocks all about quality and stiffness or are the dimensions (length, etc.) different as well? Do I have to lower the car to use them for instance? Thanks a lot.
  7. New Member Introductions
    I am having some work done on my 04 Passat by these guys. Seems like decent place for service. In the Spring they did the APR chip upgrade on my 1.8T.'
  8. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Im asking this question as I took it for brakepads replacement recently and the mechanic could not get the rear calipers to release so new pads could be fitted. He was using an electric tool which was coming up with red light? Anyway he told me at least one caliper should attempt to release if...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi does anyone know if one of the rear electric brake caliper is faulty does the motor still try to operate on the second brake caliper or is the whole system shut down pending replacement of faulty brake caliper. Im asking this question as I took it for brake pads replacement recently and the...
  10. Anything Auto
    Wonderfully exciting race from Malaysia today. If you're not a college basketball fan I recommend you watch the replay on NBC Sports network at 3 eastern. F1 has certainly been some of the best racing the last few years.
  11. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    B5.5 V/6 4motion with Sports Suspension was it 20mm lower than Standard Susp ( 1BE ) Would a 2004 Passat with a V/6 and 4Motion that had Sports Suspension be 20mm lower than a Standard Suspension car ?? I have had Audi's over the years and the 20mm is what they do when you go from Standard to...
  12. Parts For Sale
    I have a complete set of sport leather seats from a C5 A6 4.2 These are the same seats found in the S6 and RS6 of this generation. Fronts are direct bolt on for b5/b5.5 passats HUGE improvement over stock passat seats and over comfort seats on the A6. Bolsters hold you nice and tight. 425$...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. New person here. Just picked up a '13 passat TDI SE w/ sunroof and nav. Coming from a long history of sports cars, most recently a mazdaspeed 3 I gotta say I was actually shocked I purchased a passat. Ive been considering a diesel for quite a while due to my new long highway commute...
  14. Parts For Sale
    I now have a second set of 17s on deck for winter set up, so I am considering parting with my OE Vancouvers. All five (bought the fifth to use when one got a rim bend) were professionally straightened, trued, restored and refinished, and have been in storage since I picked them up from wheel...
  15. Parts For Sale
    selling my suspension setup going back to stock. h&rs less than 2 monthes old. bilsteins have around 5k on them. looking for 350 plus shipping. still in the car so i will take them when sold. or if i get the replacements soon
  16. The Showroom
    Hey All! Just thought I'd put up a few images... Didn't really like the wheel gap around the stock 18's so I had Pfaff Tuning install H&R sport springs. Improved the looks a whole lot...looks like how it should have come out of the factory in the first place! The drop was approx 1.5" in the...
1-16 of 276 Results