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  1. All spies gone?

    This morning I go to my level 10 hideout and find all my spies have gone. None are on any missions (from that particular hideout) and my town has not been attacked. Ikariam boards suggest, as usual, it's a bug. I now have to waste 2k gold and 170 crystal just to get them all back again - not...
  2. Spies aren't working

    Everytime I've sent my spy out to a town and clicked on says that the spy doesn't answer anymore. This has happened quite a few times already. I've only had like 1 successful mission. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I sent them to high level towns too.
  3. MHO on the Effective Use of Spies

    Most of you may know this but if anyone picks up even a small tip it's worth the post. I wrote this to shortie but thought I would share.
  4. Effectiveness of Spies

    Has anyone had a spy that actually wasn't immediately found out? Perhaps we're all still at the early stages but the spy feature seems useless. Anyone else have a different perspective?