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    Is anyone else experiencing spider cracking with the V-tex seats? I have a 2012 SE and the driver's seat developed some along the left thigh support on the driver's seat last year. I am now seeing some smaller ones starting to develop on the main seating surface. Also, the material on the...
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    Hi all. I need to vent a little and find out where to get the rear passenger side tail light assembly for my 2002 Wagon. The wife just backed the Passat into my 81 Fiat Spider. :banghead::mad: Not only does she screw up one, but 2 at one time. I'm steaming! Thanks. I feel a tad better. G.
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    See more 12C Spider photos at
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    And she has been with me almost as long as my wife. Water damage to the CCM from water leaking under the floor boards has me thinking it's time to say goodbye to my GLS 2001 B5.5 Passat. A true black beauty she has 127,000 miles on her, gave me enjoyment more than any other car, and has...
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    These are Migila Spider 16" rims. They are in good condition for the price, a little curb love on one or two rims, and i've been told that one rim is slightly bent. I dont really notice anything while driving. The front tires are Firehawk GT's and are almost brand new (about 4,000 miles on...
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    NOVITEC ROSSO RACE Bi-Compressor conversion, available for 47,000 Euros for this and all other F430 Spider models, offers unique performance. With a power output of 696 hp / 512 kW at 8,400 rpm the NOVITEC ROSSO conversion surpasses the production engine by 186 hp / 136.9 kW. Peak torque grows...
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    There has actually been a couple threads like this already but none of the pics are showing up.:( Also whats your opinion on these do you like the way they look on B5s s?
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    Bought this used some time in 2002 as a spare but it sat in my garage since then. There's a circle scratch around the center. I PREFER local (Cleveland) but can work something out if you need it shipped. $40 See pics below
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    This exotic is owned by a business partner from overseas that I just visited recently. I was offered to take her out for a spin, but turned down because: 1) don't want to soil my pant for potentially wrecking this precious gem :nervous: 2) right handed driver car. Ended up being chauffeured...
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    a buddy of mine has a 348 that he bought used a couple years ago. last weekend, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drive this weekend, and of course, I couldn't turn him down. he called me today, and I popped over for what I thought was going to be a ride - temps were in the lower 60s/upper...
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    Anyone catching this post... may ignore it. I've decided on other wheels.
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    Im posting these up for a friend of mine..they are 17x8. He is selling the rims only not the tires. He just got some new rims, thats why he's selling them. These go for about $180 each brand new, he's now asking $300. The rims are in pretty good condition there are some scuffs on 3 of the rims...
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    F430 SPIDER BRIEF TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Length:..............................................4512 mm (177.6 in) Width:................................................1923 mm (75.7 in) Height:..............................................1234 mm (48.6 in)...
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    FS: 5 - 17x8 Mille Miglia Spider ll $350 Im posting these up for a friend of mine..they are 17x8. He is selling the rims only not the tires. He just got some new rims, thats why he's selling them. These go for about $180 each brand new, he's asking $350. The rims are in pretty good condition...
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    does anyone know where I can pick a set of 17" Mille Miglia spider rims for my 98 b5. Tiretrack does not have them in the spider only the spider II for my car, and are they a good rim? I keep hearing they can be a soft rim. Thanks
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    Despite that fact that some members feel all Texans drive pickups, live in trailers, marry their sisters, and have vehicles on blocks; that isn't quite true in my neck of the woods. I just came back from my Wells Fargo branch and here is what I saw : My R32 seems so inadequate now...