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  1. Cam/Crank misalignment - 8k spent so far!

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    G'day guys, I've been a member here for a while but not had to use it in anger, so I guess I've been lucky!:whistle: Have had my B6 3.2 V6 since new (2006) and it's starting to cause me some issues. About 6 months ago, got the dreaded CEL and MIL, car went into limp home mode. The garage I get...
  2. Best money spent on your passat?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    What would you say has been your best spent money on your passat, and why? Sent from Free App
  3. More then $10k spent so far more to come my B5 to do/done list

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've owned my B5 1998 Passat for a year and 9 months since 4/20/2012 and have made a lot of repairs.I and also used any chance I could get to upgrade parts. I planned on upgrading turbo, so I searched till I found a nice Passat for cheap that had a known turbo problem that I could use to talk...
  4. Mystery Drain on VW Passat 2001 Battery - $2k spent so far, and problem persists

    B5 Garage
    Greetings, I own a 2001 VW Passat V6 with approximately 180k miles on it. I've been having an electrical issue for about 4 months that has cost me a small fortune and I still haven't been able to resolve the issue. In August, I had a new radio installed in the vehicle by Best Buy, which is...
  5. spent ten minutes trying to be clever

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    got nothing... just another noob posting
  6. 2002 Passat overheating and coolant leak!! frustrating.. spent alot and no luck..

    New Member Introductions
    I bought this used car a month ago.. it had stop me on highway with big STOP sign and check for coolant.. so far 1) waterpump and T belt has been replaced with other repairs cost 1700 USD 2) coolant reservoir , pressure valve and sensor has been replaced 200 USD after this car was never run...
  7. This is What a Spent K03 Looks Like

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I bought this car for $1200 with a bad turbo. I had the hopeful intentions of rebuilding the turbo, but it was worse than I thought. Luckily I found a used turbo for $80 and I'm going to rebuild it. I will be posting a how to soon about that. If your car smokes blue hazy smoke madly out of...
  8. Best $15 ever spent, MAF and TB cleaning on my 01' 1.8T

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After reading countless threads here and other places I decided to get a can of MAF and TB cleaner from Autozone. It took all but 45minutes to clean both thanks to some great pictures and DIY posts. Here is what it changed or fixed!! Rough idle went away, instantly after first start...
  9. 1997 b5 1.8 20v £100s spent

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  10. How I spent my day...

    B5 Garage
    Car started out with a rough idle and flashing CEL... Figure its a misfire, pull out the first coil pack... fffffFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuUUUUUu So, little bit later... Replace the valve cover, clean up some sludge...which looks horrible btw. Have a feeling it has had DINO oil through...
  11. How i spent my summer

    The Showroom
    I forgot about these thought i would share them, i cant believe i didnt post these before Was really hoping to get the rear wheel higher to clear the cone :lol: Me and scirocco78 driving at the track, good god i need to hide that FMIC Me and the little women going for a...
  12. Spent K03 turbo photos

    B5 Garage
    Below is a link to some photos of my spent K03 turbo that came off my 99 Passat 1.8. The symptoms the car had were loss of power,exhaust leak and smoking. I replaced it with an ebay turbo for $290 shipped with a one year warranty. The car has 193K on it. I first noticed problems at around...
  13. Just spent a week with an Alfa Romeo 159

    Anything Auto
    And I am in love! I rented the wagon in Italy for a week. It was the 1.9 JTDm FWD, which is, in case you didn't figure it out, the turbodiesel. They do make one with a bigger diesel engine and AWD as well. The power was nothing to write home about, although I effortlessly got to 180 kph on...
  14. A good $40 spent ... need input

    B5 Garage
    I went out and got myself a great deal on a OBDII (w/ Can) handheld reader for $40. I verified that there was only one CEL code, and it was the same P0411 as before. Then, I cleared it. Wow, that clear would have cost me $90 at the dealer (what a joke!) Anyway, to my question. Now that I've...
  15. Your tax dollars spent wisely

    The Black Hole
    I suppose ye all seen this before? Pretty shocking! Like a kindergarten game. At least they are working hard securing your future.
  16. Spent 200ish today on crutchfield

    Mobile Electronics
    So, after a long time of looking, I've settled on this Bazooka combo package.. The bazooka combo is on a separate bill, because I have this $20 off a $100 purchase coupon... so the total was 159.99...
  17. Spent a few bills

    The Showroom
    Bought new projectors, a grill and europlate..enjoy! and this is why i needed new headlights dont even ask how they became so clouded
  18. WOW I just spent a ton of money at the tuner's....

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    .....but it was well worth it! Here's my past mods: Suspension Wheels/Tires Buncha lame stuff inside like mats, euroswitch, antenna Painted Valances Here's what I just did: APR Chip Techtonics Tuning Exhaust w/ modified Borla Muffler (different resonator) EVO Diverter valve Timing Belt...
  19. SPENT A DAY WITH A SOLARA ... yawn

    Anything Auto
    I was in Austin on a business trip this week and checked out a Solara (upgrade actually). Good looks, big :sleep: due to the 2.4l ... The manumatic tyranny would stay on gear when to stopped (unlike the Tip). Took a bit of getting used to. It handled fairly well though with a decent ride (for...
  20. spent some time with the new B6....Wow

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Spent some time with the new B6 but did not get to drive it. It looks great inside and outside. It is a small Phaton. Fit and finish were superb. The nav system looked good. The Dynasound system sounded great but not a $1000 better than a Monsoon. Lots of room everywhere. Some minor nits...