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    So I was test driving a 2010 Passat and I really like the car, the onlt problem is that there is these weird jolt or stutter any time I go from a complete stop to pushing on the gas. I will approach the stop sign, make a complete stop, then once you press on the gas the car will begin to move...
  2. Anything Auto
    Hi All, I just produced a video called Speed Kills Your Pocketbook, and it's about how the overaggressive enforcement of speed limits that are too low only serves to give the government our money. Also, many of the powers that be have turned a blind eye to limits that are too low. It's full of...
  3. Anything Auto
    i got pulled over yesterday at 3:30 by an undercover unmarked plain clothes police unit. our carpool here starts at 3:00 and i happened to be in it not even knowing it was past 3:00 already (barely). the car in front of me (chevy impala unmarked) was going real slow, 60mph or so. i got behind...
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    Hacykyer->Driving Passat W8 all ready on !!speeding ticket!! welcomes another member. !!!welcomes!!!!
  5. Anything Auto
  6. Anything Auto
    Grrrr.... Just this morning I was clocked for doing 105km/h on a 90km/h highway. The cop snuck up behind me while everyone was going at least 10km/h faster than me... :crazy::banghead:
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    In Indiana, for 25+ MPH over, $114.5+$4.00 per mile. Is that per mile over for total speed? This could potentially majorly suck.
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    Or not...
  9. The Black Hole Followed up: It's a bit harsh I know, but I guess the pals put the video up to discourage "that kind of thing".
  10. Anything Auto
  11. Anything Auto
    Ok so this morning i was on my way home from my friends house doing 90-95 mph when a cop gets on the freeway behind me and pulls me over, i saw him a half mile back, but he was on to me like flies on sugar, so he pulled me over and said " you were late to get over" i said "What?" and he said...
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got a speeding ticket today just after getting my car back from the bodyshop. I figured I'd take on some backroads and make sure the alignment and everything was working good through hard cornering. Totally empty straight road and I got busted for 75 in a 45. $308 :(. I can take traffic school...
  13. Anything Auto
    So got nabbed in Wisconsin, on my Ohio license with OH plates. I want to know if the points will transfer over to OH and affect my rates/record. Does anyone have specific information, or can you point me in a direction? I am pondering getting a lawyer. The ticket is for $165, and 4 points...
  14. Europe
    Anyone know how long you have to wait before your picture comes through your door? I think I got photographed yesterday, I'm not sure. Mobile speed van, I just overtook someone and was pulling back in, I was going a shade under 80. Do I get ticjeted, or do I escape? I know our cars have the...
  15. Anything Auto
    Watch the vid… this kid and his friends should get the maximum penalty …
  16. Anything Auto
    > Motorcyclist clocked at 205 mph on Hwy. 61 > Associated Press > September 21, 2004 BIKER0922 > WABASHA, Minn. -- With a State Patrol airplane overhead, a Stillwater motorcyclist hit the throttle and possibly set the informal record for the fastest speeding ticket in Minnesota history: 205 mph...
  17. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Short and sweet.... I'm from NJ... I was traveling on I-80 from PENN STATE college to NJ. My dad was driving not me, but he was caught by radar at 82 on a 65 zone. The ticket came out to 165$, but now since this is out of state. Does this also include points added to lincense/ or insurance...
  18. Anything Auto
    A friend got a speeding ticket in Wyckoff,NJ and in less than a week got 3 letters,"advertisements" from different law firms with the summons & docket numbers offering representation.. More organized extortion at work ??? :suspicio:
  19. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got my first speeding ticket yesterday. I was on a rural highway and I was on an open stretch of road following a curve and a car was coming towards me (The only car for a mile). I didnt realize it was a cop at first but he clocked me at 82 in a 55 zone. So I was clocked at 27 over. I feel...
  20. Anything Auto
    Don't think this is a repost (well, at least I didn't see anything...): Classic! :thumbup: Andy