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  1. Try out this one easy way to get spam on your message boards!

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    Just require people to make two random posts before troubleshooting their issues, Volkswagen hates them!
  2. Spam clearance.

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    I just want to say a few words about my 2000 VW I bout new for my fourth birthday. Sure it has electrical issues, as a lot of VWs' have, but everytime I get behind the wheel I like a kid with a new toy just like the day I first drove it off the car lot!! Hopefully no spam will follow me so my...
  3. Sorry if this seems like spam.....

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    ...... I am really a human and just trying to get my required first couple of posts out of the way....
  4. 2nd Post to combact Spam

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    Here is my second post - look forward to fixing my Passat!
  5. Down with spam

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    As an IT guy, I appreciate the spam workaround :) I'm new here and need help with my B5 :)
  6. spam

    hurray for the internet. you cant get away from :spam: just got this message OmniBack2008 Message Polis [82:53] 29.05.2008 3:07:32 Yo mate, aren't you bored with this game? Check this out: damn people like this need to be shot in the head for annoying the hell out of us
  7. CANON (Bad Appleseed) Spam Spam Spam

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    Damn Spammers...... Tochue!!!!