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  1. Events & Gatherings
    Well boys, you know the drill. I do one of these every year for this show. Southern Worthersee is held in Helen, GA every year and this years event is from May 16-18th. So this is a roll call. Anyone going, post up your car and where you're staying and hopefully we can get together and get...
  2. Events & Gatherings
    I know it's not Snorkfest or the Mid-Atlantic GTG so it probably won't get much attention :whistle: but who's going? This year will be my third year and we are heading down with a full crew (willistillis, nolesfan, mrbutterz) to name a few. If you're going, let's hear it!
  3. Anything Auto
    We know a lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the release of our SOWO 2012 Video, so HERE IT IS! Check it out and be sure to subscribe for more awesome videos from all the events we'll be attending this year! ENJOY! VW, Audi, Porsche Chip Tuning / Performance ECU Software ? by Unitronic
  4. Anything Auto
    Hi Everyone! Southern Worthersee is in their 6th year running and Unitronic is proud to sponsor SoWo for the 3rd consecutive year. This event, held in the Southeast, attracts thousands of Volkswagen & Audi enthusiasts from all over the States. There are even some Canadians such as us that make...
  5. The Showroom
    As you all know, Southern Worthersee was this weekend and while I took a grand total of 3 pictures myself, I know that everyone who was there will be posting a bunch of photos so it kind of evens out. One of the pictures I took was this one, of my car, and I just thought I'd post it so people...
  6. Anything Auto
    Hey, I really need anybody's help that can help me. There is something broken on my car and I have no idea what exactly it is. If you're in Helen and want to help a brother out then hit me up ASAP.
  7. The Showroom
    Enjoy! Katie's passat Luke's Passat :P Mikes passat with Dan and Mike in the way B6 with police lights More to come!
  8. The Showroom
    It's been awhile since I've posted any updated pics of the car, so I thought I'd post one from SoWo. Like usual, any critiques will be much appreciated and before you say it, going lower is next on the list. I'm just broke right now. Enjoi!
  9. The Showroom
    I didn't take a lot of pictures. But I did snap some of my car and some other cars when we met up. I'll post more pictures in a few hours when I get my passengers camera. He took a good amount more. But here is a start. Here is the over flow parking. Sowo doubled in size from last year...
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i know this guy is ==>:driving:
  11. Events & Gatherings
    HI All!!! Anyone going to Southern Woerthesee this year??? I'm set to go and was wondering if any of by PW bros or sis' were going.:driving:
  12. Events & Gatherings
    I know it's way early, and Passats are heavily outnumbered here, but here's the link for preregistration to SoWo 2011, dates are May 20-21 if anyone's interested:
  13. Events & Gatherings
    Southern Worthersee May 14, 15, & 16. Helen, GA :thumbup:
  14. The Showroom
    I thought instead of posting a crap ton pix of my car in my SoWO thread, I start a showroom thread a whore it out. Im not trying to be cocky and post a hundred pic, but all of these are some of my best pic and I wanted to share them with my boys here at PW. Enjoy. hehe
  15. Events & Gatherings
    So I made the trip to SoWo this yr. My local VW crew went and showed up with 77 cars. The convoy there was sweet, Cops had road blocks for us and keep us 2gether on the whole 4 hr trip. We went and rep as and SoWo hands out a prize for biggest club repped. Well with 77 of us,we...
1-15 of 15 Results