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    Sony Decks are usually 52 x 4 with a 23.2 RMS.... and Alpines are usually 50 x 4 with a 18 x 4 RMS... Don't those stats indicitate that the sony deck pushes louder than the alpine? Whats the difference in sound quality... and can the "average" listener tell the difference?
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    ... It is a Synthezided Graphic Equalizer unit, Sony XE-744. it has 10 bands, 60/100/180/300/500/1K/2K/4K/8K/16K Hz , subw, fad, sens, mem, dim, ilm, EQ, DSLP etc... It is in great shape and i have the original receipt for it if any of you are interested. I bought it for $395, asking $100...
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    Are these any good? I have talked to a few local car audio shops and they say they suck and I should buy their subs only. Does sony really suck at making quality subs?
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    I'm selling this unit for my girlfriends dad. New in the box, never installed pics on request. He's looking to get 100.00 or best offer.
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    I have the option of installing a mint condition Pioneer Premier DEH-P900R to replace my Sony CDX-M620 head unit. I like the Sony because it flushes so nicely with the rest of the dash colors, however for the Pioneer I have the Voice Package system which enables you to control the head unit...
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    Thinking about putting in the Sony CDX-F7700, what is the general concensus on Sony car audio? It has a silver face, blue background with effects and red buttons, not a dead-on match but good enough for me. Considering adding a sub eventually, but for now just using the exisiting Monsoon...
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    Hi, I've just added a Sony CDX-56 10 pack CD auto-changer to a UK spec. Passat using a Connects2 Sony adaptor. The HU is an older Phillips Gamma 4 (Gamma under volume control). Adaptor is AVG005. All works fine, but I can only get it to work correctly with both phono connections half out...
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    I'm getting navigation and this Sony head unit will be available. It will come in the original box with the manual. Originally $300, it's yours for $200. Borrowed this image from Sound Domain.
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    Anyone here have or tried this HU? How do you like it? How do the colors match and does anyone have any pics of their setup? I am thinking of getting this one. Thanks
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    Setting up my system & the amp trouble light (over current) will not go away. I have a sony m800 head unit & a sony xplode 760w amp.I've had this trouble on & off. Now it's peremently on; the manual suggest a short somewhere. I've changed rca & speaker wires. Any help :mad: would be...
  11. Mobile Electronics Almost perfect color match, red, violet blue and black (mostly) CDR/W MP3 Changer & XM controls, $199 $99 for a realy nice optional aux adapter with 3 inputs, headphones and usb 40...
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    I was riding in my friend's 5.5 this week, and he has 1 12" LA sub. It sounded AWESOME! And from what i'm seeing online, they aren't all that expensive. Can anyone attest they quality? I mostly listen to techno, so I need my bass. Seems like 2 subs would be overkill, since his sounded so nice...
  13. Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking for a MP3 player headunit for around $300. I saw a few Alpines (which I know are very good) in that price range. However, I also found a few Sonys that looked great (purely based on looks). They looked very impressive. I liked the CDX-M850MP, with that whole active black display...
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  15. Mobile Electronics
    OK I took my car to a shop to install my New HU Indash Sony monitor and dvd player, and they told me that they think that maybe the keyless entry runs off of the stock radio. Anyone know is thats True or False? They also said that I may lose my monsoon sound, and I may need an adapter to fix...
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    I think it would look nice in our cars ?/ any opinions
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    FS: 7' in-dash Sony $550 Screen alone is $550 Check signature for pictures. If you want the whole set up with Xbox 2 games DVD remote 1 DVD and ac adapter w/ cooling fan, it will be $850 Please IM all questions and offers. <![CDATA[Screen alone is $550 Check signature for...
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    I have a Bad connection box, anyone know if the panasonic control unit will work with the sony Xplod, or how else i can get a new Connection box.
  19. Mobile Electronics
    I dont know if anyone has any experience with these, but if the Sony xploder cd changer doesnt fit in the stock mount, what should i do? Do i need an adaptor to hook it up to the cable? Is it possible to connect the sony changer to the sony xploder deck in the front of the car to change cds...
  20. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have this one in their car/house? If So, where did you mount it? Pictures? I want XM Radio, I have a 2002 Passat, with the big double Din radio and I dont know where I would put the controller if I got the Pioneer. thanks