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    Hi, Help! I am in trouble!:rolleyes: I have tried to connect directly a MP3 CD changer Sony CDX-T70MX ( to the Radio Navigation System Blaupunkt MFD G version ( and of...
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    I am curious as to what the deal is with bypassing the monsoon amp for my system... The guy at Best Buy told me that I would blow my stock amp if I didnt bypass it... Funny thing is, no tech there knew where the amp was or how to bypass it.... Will installing a new HU be as simple as plugging...
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    Got one for sale. I'm naturally asking for a price above retail. Thinking $750 is fair. If not, please don't bother with negative comments. Thanks for looking.
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    I have a Sony CDX-M850MP headunit that is only 4 months old. This works awsome!!! Plays CD-R/CR-RW CD's and is XM Sat. Ready. I am looking to upgrade to a Alpine or a Eclipse Headunit to go into my Audi A4. If your interested please IM me or email me at [email protected]
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    10 bucks shipped. These are NOT ProDuos that fit PSP. A Sony camera crapped out and no need for them.
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    so i just saw this the other day in my new crutchfeild catalog... i was lookin for a new cd player for my car bc im gettin bored with the one i have now and i wanted to be able to hook my ipod up directly to it and this pioneer i have now i cant do that unless i buy a $200 adaptor. anyways. this...
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    Hi all, I have just installed a MFD.D unit purchased on eBay, to replace the default GAMMA radio on my B5.5. The new sound is so much better and I just love the screen with all the features. The problem: When I first connected the T69 Changer, it instantly recognized all 6 discs and played...
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    I want to install my 10 CD Sony Changer into my 03 GLX prewired passat. Any one have a Sony Unilink to Passat Adaptor laying around ? email me at [email protected] or reply to this post. I have paypal.
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    Could someone tell me if i can use a Sony 10 CD changer with my Monsoon system.. (GLX 03) In one of the posts i read, the poster had mentioned about the system acting weird when changed to 7-10 discs. I have an older head unit and a 10CD changer gathering dust - i am hoping i can use the changer...
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    Hello, I have for sale a Soundgate SNVW1 and VWCBLR cables/adapter. I used this for attaching a Sony MP3 changer to my stock VW headunit in my Passat. I have now upgraded my head unit and no longer need these parts. More info on or just google the numbers above. $50. I...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    About 18 months ago, my Sony Explode HU/cd player went weird on me and stopped playing CDs for a month. Then it fixed itself and has worked flawlessly ever since:crazy: . Now all of a sudden, some of the control buttons don't work. They were working just before I parked at the grocery store...
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    Sony CDX850 MP3 Radio in dash flip face with remote $170shipped
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    Sony CDX-f7710 and matching changer. the HU plays cds/mp3/atrac3 The 10 disk changer plays cds/mp3 Selling both for $150+ shipping
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    Hey guys, I have a like new Sony Ericsson W600i Cingular cell phone for sale. I used it for about a month and a half and went back to Nextel where I cannot use the phone. This is a very nice phone, I just have no use for it. I have all the packaging and manuals and accessories. Including the...
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    Never used it. I got it for the purpose of travel when I was going to another country but I have not yet and need the money! I paid $100 for this about a month ago. Have all the cables and everything necessary to use it! Please email me at [email protected] I may not be able to check all...
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    Selling all the stuff I never use/don't need. My ABT Front lip got ripped off this weekend when I went down to NYC. I want to purchase another ASAP cuz it looks like crapppp~ Buy my stuff. 1. PSP - Only played a few times on the planeride to Cancun for Spring break. Have Darkstalkers...
  18. Classified Archive mine is thone selling for 250$ with the memory cards.. afourtue rbo.. some sample pics are on audizine
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    I have my Sony 1hd for sale on Ebay. This radio has a 10 gig hard drive for those of you not familiar with this model.
  20. Mobile Electronics
    If you have Sony Phatnoise or managed to hack a VW/Audi Phatbox to go with a Sony HU, plz contact me. [email protected]