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  1. Sony XAV-64BT install in B5.5

    Mobile Electronics
    i started to install a new Sony XAV-64BT double din HU into my b5.5, but ran into a snag. i guess its poor judgement on my behalf. my passat has a double din, non-monsoon HU. the sony is double din as well apparenttly it doesnt come with a cage or trim ring, therefore it doesnt fit properly...
  2. Sony Xplod Sub & Amp to Stock Monsoon HU.

    New Member Introductions
    So I just bought a sony xplod sub & amp off of a friend. I have a 2005 Passat GLS Sedan, and I have the double din monsoon HU. I would really like to keep the stock head unit. I use the cd mag, and I also just don't like the look of after market HU's. I know there is an amp for the monsoon...
  3. FS:4/ Sony Google Internet TV NSZ-GT1

    Misc for Sale
    Google TV Built-in Google TV delivers a new experience by bringing the TV and internet together. Using your existing cable or satellite service and at no additional cost, Google TV gives you access to more entertainment options and simplifies the process of finding what you're looking for...
  4. Sony radio problem

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I recently swapped out the factory fitted radio with a Sony minidisc player/radio that I bought for my last car. Everything worked fine until I decided to install an Autoleads PC7-100 adapter (this adapter emulates there being a CD changer installed and lets you use the aux audio input bus...
  5. Sony XNV-660bt and Kenwood DNX-6960- got one?

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking to replace the Monsoon HU in my 2004 4mo with a nav unit. I'm looking hard at the Sony XNV-660BT or the Kenwood DNX-6960. Anybody have either of them? I'm interested in first-hand experience, not brand biases or the like. No disrespect.
  6. Anyone install a Sony HU w/ HD Tuner?

    Mobile Electronics
    I just got a Sony MEX-BT3800U for $149 from Amazon and the XT-100HD Tuner for $60 (new on eBay) The HD Tuner is quite large, but don't think it fits under the passenger seat and I don't want the fuss of running all those wires under the carpeting. The changer tray in the trunk doesn't work...
  7. I've got 1 10" 800W Sony Sub & 1 600W Sony Amp and need advice.

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, three years ago I picked up a used sub set-up that included 2 12" subs and an amp. It was crazy loud and pounded like f**k. I loved it so much. But a couple years ago my garage was broken into and my subs were stolen. So a few months after they were stolen, I managed to pick up 1...
  8. For Sale: Sony CDX-GT820ip with extras!

    Classified Archive
    Up for sale is a Sony CDX-GT820ip head unit. This will come with the following accessories: 1. PAC SWI-PS: use your steering wheel controls to control the Sony head unit. As it was in use in my car, it is already programmed for the Passat's steering wheel buttons. 2. SIR-SNY1: Sirius tuner...
  9. Where to put my clarion EQ?? And my Sony Cd Player Won't Save!!

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a fun question. One I have a clarion EQ that I have under my cd player but it's not held onto anything so when I drive the EQ will fly out and it gets annoying when you do this every 10 mins. I am hoping maybe someone else knows where I can put the eq so it can stay still, Im up for any...
  10. Sony Xplod CDX-GT430U Review (it is awesome)

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok, I just installed this new stereo in my car yesterday and so far I am in love with it. It looks so much better than the stock HU in the daytime and at night. The display color red is super bright at night and it matches the stock VW looks perfectly. As far as the sound goes, it is so much...
  11. Pioneer, Sony, Clarion(closet cleaning part 2) Buy all 3 for a DEAL

    Classified Archive
    everything is sold>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thanks pw your the best
  12. FS: Sony Cd player

    Classified Archive
    For sale is a Sony CDX-GT100 cd player. Very basic HU for someone who doesnt need all the bells and whistles. ***NOTE*** before I upgrade to a HU with iPod controls, i was having trouble with aux jack. I am honestly unsure if it was the aux jack or my cord as I have gone through a few cords...
  13. Sony Vaio Laptop

    link to spec my brother is selling it its brand new he wants over £400 for it as its selling for over £700. im clueless about pc's/lappys so any questions 07890848964. will post pics later
  14. Replaced Sony GT710 with Kenwood KDC-MP438U . . . CRACKLING???!!!

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello all! 1999 Passat, all stock speakers. Just had my Sony CDX GT710 replaced. I wanted the USB and iPod functionality. Okay, this is weird now: Actually audio generally sounds clearer and less processed, so I'm happy about that. Bass has a bit more punch . . . But when I play a CD, the...
  15. Sony MEX-BT5100 CD/MP3 Player + BLUETOOTH + XM Radio

    Classified Archive
  16. FS - Sony CD/MP3/bluetooth single din

    Classified Archive
    Single din, removable face, never abused, no scratches and guaranteed 100% in perfect working order. With local gov'ts moving closer to banning hand-held cell phones while driving, this is a fabulous bluetooth unit. The Mic is built into the front of the unit and it plays through the car's...
  17. FS-brand new Sony Vaio Laptop-$1000

    Classified Archive
    I have a brand new Sony Vaio model number vgn-ar825e. Processor:Intel Core 2 duo Processor T5750 (2.00ghz,2MB L2 Cache 667Mhz FSB) System Memory:3GB(2GBx1+1GBx1)DDR2-667 SDRAM(4GB Maximum) Hard Drive:320 GB SATA(5400 RPM) Optical Drive:Blu Ray Disc Rom Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 8400GT GPU...
  18. Sony Vaio Laptop SPARES/REPAIR??

    Model No PCG-F403 Im absolutely crap with computers hence i am selling this as someone might be able to fix it. when you power the laptop on it comes up with a message saying "NTLDR is missing, press ctrl & alt & del to restart" when i do this it comes up with the vaio logo and reverts back to...
  19. *^Forge, S4, Sony^*

    Classified Archive
    hey guys i got a forge 007 DV for 105 shipped. its the polished one. an audi s4 steering wheel with airbag. 250 + shipping. a sony 1200w 2 channel amp (new model used for 5 months) . 100 +shipping thank u all for looking
  20. FS: Sony Cybershot DSC-H2

    Classified Archive
    like the title says, Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 for sale. comes with a 1GB memory card. 6 megapixels, 12X optical zoom, etc etc... bought a Nikon, so no need for this anymore. paid almost $400 for the package last December. for you guys, $150 shipped. pix...