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    I have 6 18" Mak Sonics, 5x112 bolt pattern, with some curb rash on 2-3 of them, one is completely brand new, and another is not new but has no rash. The latter 2 have no tires on them, the others have Bridgestone Potenza RE 750s with 40% tread left. 2 of the lug covers remain on the car, I...
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    FS: Brand new 18" MAK Sonics I have two brand new in the box MAK Sonic wheels 18" and four center caps. Here is a pic of what they looked like on my car. Thanks Manny
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    I have a set of 17" Mak Sonics 5x112 and 35 offset that are about like new. They spin true without any bends. TWO wheels just came back from and were totally refinished to brand new condition. Just surface marks were the only reason...nothing out of round here. The other TWO look...
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    SOLD: 4 18"x8" Mak Sonics w/Sumitomo HTRZ II's $450! I'm moving and really have to move these by the end of April. I will not ship out. I have 4 18" x8" Mak Sonics for sale. 3 of the 4 I'm told are slightly out of round but I didn't even notice it when driving. 1 has a good ~4" rash on it and...
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    **UPDATE** -- mak sonics and the exhaust are sold. see below for various things left over. I moved on from my passat a while ago, but still have some items left that are taking up space: i have 2 tires left (from the wheels, just two) they are 225/45/17 bridgestone re730s I will sell them...
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    Some background info: I purchased these new near the end of 2001 They are MAK Sonics 18x8, ET (offset) 35mm Two of them come with new Bridgestone Potenza RE750 (less than 1K on them), 225/40/18 The other two come with 235/40/18 Sumitomo HRZII (they are worn and need to be replaced) In the past...
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    ClubB5 sponsor still lists the MAK Sonics for sale! :shock: I have not called them yet but I hope they still have them! :)
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    Prefer local buyers, Bay Area- Sacramento. Ill let them go 1000 plus shipping if your not local. There is a lil curbage on the wheels, nothing major, ill post pics when i get em, or u can click on the link in my sig to see. Its a great wheel, with about 50-55% tread left. email...
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    Wheels have slight curbage on them, other wise they are in great shape. Tires have about 50-55% tread left on them. Looking for about a 1000 shipped, obo. Check the sig for pics. These guys are out of production, so its a great buy! Ok gonna capitalize on space. Along with the wheels im also...
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    Feeler, JL Audio stealthbox, Vw oem cd changer, Mak sonics!!! Well I am contemplating selling my stealthbox, and other items. As some of you might have read, my car was recently repaired from a rear end collision. I've come to realize I need some liquid assets soon. I need to get new tires...