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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Is it just me or does the music manager not let you do it. My desktop computer looks like it wants a vacation for a little while so its OOS. I hooked up my phatbox cart. to my laptop and wanted to transfer some songs from the cart. to the laptop and there dosent seem to be a way to do it. Any...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Anyone have any particular favorites that really separate the weak (audio systems) from the chaff?
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Recently installed PB in 2003 sedan. Awesome! One question, is it possible to play back entire library mixed?
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Last night I installed the Phatbox unit into my car. This morning I loaded the software, then plugged-in the DMS Cradle, then connected the DMS module - Yes, I'm actually following the directions (rare, for me!). :D I went through the setup, loaded a CD into the drive, and proceeded through...
1-4 of 30 Results