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  1. FS: 2.8 V6 GIAC socketed chip

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    FS: 2.8 V6 GIAC, Sold! This came out of a 2000 2.8 V6 w/Tip. ECU # 3B0907551Q. Requires a $50 module socket install (See link). This chip removes speed/rev limiter, adds approx 10 hp. etc. GIAC - Software Programs Asking $110. Chip...
  2. WTB Giac socketed ECU

    Classified Archive
    Hi I need a GIAC socketed ecu ending in 558M or 557P. I have a KO4-15 chip that I want to use. I was originally going to get a friend to solder it in. But I am unable to find the correct header pins. (I know the dimensions of the pins and where the tuning shops get them, but I believe they only...
  3. Is this a GIAC Socketed ECU?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Thought the chip would have GIAC written on it, either with sticker or engraved. How do I know that this is not the stock ECU? Can anyone with a socketed GIAC ECU experience chime in? Won't be able to test boost logs until I get the immobilizer issue dealt with (another couple of days). Is...
  4. Need to get a Wett chip socketed in North Florida

    USA - South
    Anyone have a suggestion on someone who can socket a Wett chip I bought second hand? I live south of Jacksonville, but wouldn't mind a road trip to get it done if need be.
  5. FT+$300: GIAC chip + socketed ECU for your stock ECU. MUST SELL BY THURSDAY!!!

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    SOLD Chip # 018CLGL01A.V08 According to the AWE-Tuning, the installer, this chip is compatible with 2001.5 - 2004 Tip Sedan/Wagon FWD and 2001.5 - 2003 Manual Sedan/Wagon FWD. GIAC chip + stock chip + stock ECU + socket option, for your stock ECU. The socket option that I paid extra for...
  6. Can a socketed ECU be flashed?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Updated 3/20/09: I have a socketed ECU THAT WAS SOCKETED 5 YEARS AGO on a 2003 Passat. The stock chip is on a socketed circuit board. The GIAC chip causes the car to stall (inspecting the solder joints under a microscope, all the joints look good, so it must be an internal problem with that...
  7. Where to get GIAC chip socketed?

    B5 Garage
    I am buying a GIAC chip from a fellow member but it seems since they are all flash loaded now, no one will socket it for me. What do i do? Who can I call? One more question. How is socketing different from soldering?
  8. Feeler: GIAC X Socketed ECU (4BO906018CM)

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    Feeler: GIAC X chip Socketed ECU (4BO906018CM) ECU with GIAC X Chip installed. I bought this for my wifes '02 1.8T but never installed it. :whistle:
  9. Where to get my ECU socketed and chip installed?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Anybody knows who would install a Wett chip into my ECU? It came from the same year car and model with tip tranny... I was told all I need to do is get it soldered in... Any input on this?
  10. FS: Ko4/fmic/2giac chips/ socketed ecu/ labree test pipe...

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    I am thinking about selling my ko4 kit with a bunch of other goodies. I have had it installed for 10,000 mi. I have had a turbo timer the whole time oil changes religiously at 3k mi with mobil1. Its in very good shape no shaft play or anything. Here is what I would include. K04-015 turbo Giac...
  11. FS: GIAC Chip + Socketed ECU + Stock Chip

    Classified Archive
    This is for the best chip on the market it will give you an additional 50 hp and the difference is simply Night and Day no matter who you ask. From 1998 AEB engine , Socketed ECU with GIAC chip + stock chip , CODE: 8D0 907 557 P BOSCH 0 261 2204 258 $350, deal requires your original ECU. ECU...
  12. Flashing a socketed stock chip

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a Wett chip socketed to my ECU, and I was planning on taking my car to the dealership to check out a few things. If I put my stock chip back into the socket, and the dealership decides to "update" the code, will the socket let them do it? My understanding is that the socket just...
  13. FS: GIAC Socketed ECU, UUC Short Throw Shifter

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    The GIAC socket ECU is for a 98/99 V6 Pre DBW. I am selling the whole ECU with GIAC chip, and also FACTORY chip. You can switch back and forth. If your car has to go into the dealership for service, just take your computer out and swap chips. I will need your Factory ECU in return. Asking...