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    Where in SoCal is there the cheapest place to have my timing belt replaced?? Also what(or how mant belts and "what-nots") need to be replaced. Hope everybody can understand my mechanical terms!! :lol: P.S. It's for a 98 1.8T! Spank Ya!!
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    For those who didn't make it out, it was a HUGE gtg, with hundreds and hundreds of VWs, Audis, BMWs, Benz, etc (about 4 floors of a large parking structure total). Anyway, see the snaps I took at: Some sample pics:
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    Well as I rapidly approach the 100k mile mark, I figure a new turbo is in the near future for me since these 100k have been "spirited" :) I figure I might as well go for a K04 kit, heck why not? :) From what I've read a good first step (should do it anyways) is to get my tip chipped. So I'm...
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    Well at the recommendation of powerslide (Phil) I went to Adams auto in Riverside (SoCal) for my 80k and timing belt. They did a great job! Didn't take all day, were very nice and man she feels like a new car! To all SoCal'ers I give a :thumbup: to Adams. Dennis was very cool and even talked...
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  6. Anything Auto
    My new wife is a leadfoot, and an ok driver. But not ok enough to be driving my k04 wagon like she would like to... Any suggestions on a good driving school for us to attend in So-Cal? Thanks!
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    I think my deductable is $300. If that's the case, before I ask the insurance company to do it, are there any companies in SoCal (orange county) that will do it for around the same price? Thanks, Mike5
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    Socal Painted Lower Valiances 300.00.. IN Socal I have a hook up for paint jobs located in San Juan Capistrano. The guy who paints the pieces works for a custom show car antique collector. He does amazing work. He said that I could setup a deal for everyone in the forum to get their lower...
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    EF1 is having a X-mas special on suspension installation with alignment for $165. This is good only until the end of the month. If anyone is interested, please give Fabrizio a call for an appointment. EF1 Motorsports 5217 Cherry Avenue Long Beach, CA 90805 562-422-8485 (Mods, please feel free...
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    I was curious if any in Socal was down to help me install KW coilovers on my ride. I dont know how to adjust the shocks porperly after they have been installed and how to give it a even look all the way around the vehicle. Can someone either let me know if they have a shop and can help me...
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    Re: Timing Belt job in SoCal Riverside area (jwilker) VW Specialties 17682 Gothard #7 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 phone: 714.848.3766 email: [email protected] web site: Not only a B5 sponsor but the best price in town I just got mine done there a few weeks...