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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have had the Sumitomo HTR+ for around 4K now. One large road trip to Tucson from Denver, they performed very well. Now that we have some decent snow and freezing conditions here in Denver, I would like to say that they have held their well as my car to the road. The wet traction is...
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post and it might have been answered already but I recently got 17" ASA Rims for my car and want to get it lowered. I was looking at H&R stage 2 springs that would lower the front 1.75" and rear 1.5". Some guy at the parts place said that it would be too low and...
  3. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'm upgrading to 17s in the next few months and I've narrowed it down to the below choices (if you can even consider this a narrowed down list): These are my concerns: My stock tires handled the snow, random gravel roads, and general crappiness of the roads here in Williamstown...
321-323 of 323 Results