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  1. Sneak Peek Of VW's Superbowl TV Spot

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  2. Sneak Peak August 2012 Edition Of PW Monthly Magazine

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    :P :lol:
  3. Sneak pic of new Euro rims.....

    The Showroom
    Here's a few pics of the Rh Pheonix wheels i bought of here 17x8's up front and 17x9 out back with 205/40/17 tyres all round Thinking of putting wider rear tyres on as im not overly keen on the stretch tbh. Coilovers have been ordered Brembo 312mm discs are waiting to go on Pagid pads to go...
  4. Sneak peak of some of the imminent NEW-ness

    The Showroom
    Got some more body parts: including some skirts: and a rear valance: and 1 of 2 ever made, the infamous WetWorks 3 Piece M3 style lip spoiler ;) And im going to be ordering a Rieger Rear Windshield Diffuser as well soon. And finally, I have some new shoes coming as well...some...
  5. Sneak Peek at the All-New Forge Valve

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    saw this over at another forum...thought some of you may be interested. edit: Got the forge dv yesterday...some detailed pics for anyone who is interested:
  6. a sneak peak...

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    from this to to..... will post more in the morning, so tired!:Yikes:
  7. Alittle sneak peak before dubfest....

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  8. Passat Project sneak peek

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok here is the scoop.... I will continue to post sneek peeks of the build.... but only for everything behind the sub baffle..... so here is this weeks sneek peeks...... We will be using Batcap in this install... well rather extensively..... Here is a very small portion of the total ammount...
  9. Sneak -a-peek!

    The Showroom
    Obviously its not 100% yet and obviously its not done yet but its what I got for now,no won't be painted for awhile cause Theres a ton more in store.I will update with another pic of the hatch if I can edit it....(oh its in black primer btw,not grey,flash owns me).
  10. 2005 NY Auto Show Sneak Preview a la me

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    sorry - had to take it off line. Webmaster said server is getting hammered. BBL.
  11. EuroGEAR B5 Body Kit Sneak Peak Pics ------

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Below are pics of our new B5 body kit. Please note that the parts are not painted and are shown in the regular urethane finish. NOTE: Due to virtually non stop rain and gloomy weather in S. Cali within the last few days, these are the best pics we were able to take. We will try to...
  12. Sneak Peak - ATL at night

    The Showroom
    All credit for these pics goes to my buddy Jason Spruill at
  13. Sneak Peak of what is to come (PICS)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm sending my sidemarkers, reflectors, tails, and headlights out to JonBoy tomorrow to get tinted and while my front end was off i decided to see how Nate's (Now Mine) front end fit, here are the pics enjoy!
  14. Sneak Peak: Someone's being featured!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ture 7 sorry, dude...couldn't resist Performance VW magazine from UK...cost me $8.50 at B&N.
  15. Dude tried to sneak into the country dressed as a car seat.

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    Good for him.
  16. sneak preview spiderman2 his next foe!

    Off-Topic Forum more sm2 and punisher here: i think the sand man would have been better!
  17. Just wanted to share a sneak peak at our newest project we a

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This front will be made of glass but will be a lot thicker in impact zones for more strength. It will fit more like a stock piece, with a better fit than other kits. It will also use your stock bumper strip to give it a more factory built piece appearance. Price will be around $350 to $400...

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    Being a huge fan of the first movie, I was a BIT dissappointed with this second one. Fighting - There were some REALLY cool fighting scenes, but WAY TOO MUCH of can tell the fighting is what they were focusing on improving from the first film. Also, why doesn't Neo just fly away when...
  19. This weekends' mod and a sneak pic of what's coming up

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well I picked up my Audi shifter at the Post office on saturday. After running our to Corona to the VW dealer to pick up some parts I was back to fuss with this do-dad. Turned out well. And since I was over at tirerack picking up a new set of Dunlops I figured I might as well start buying...