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    Random mag scans! No specs, possible photoshops, and chops! :-P Various sources
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    I saw a Skyline 350 GT today not one but two(you can see the different rear plates). Here's some photos taken as quick as I can while driving on the I-15 from Las Vegas. Both are right hand drives and are Nissan corporate cars. The drivers was wondering why I slowed down and did a fly by...
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    Don't know how old this article is nor if its a repost, but it's fun to read.
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    FS: Like New Blaupunkt Hamburgh CD HU Skyline - SOLD Like tittle sais, it is in perfect condition, used for only a few months, when new was 399.99 at Al&Ed's Autosound. Matches perfectly with VW interior lighting tho it doesnt apear so in the picture. One of the top models in the blaupunkt...