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  1. Anyone hear from F4D Lighting lately? (Passat B6 Skyline Mod)

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Did F4D Lighting just scam me $199? Good evening, I recently went to Home - F4D Lighting and saw they had the LED inner tails for sale. I figured for $199.00 I might as well jump on it as I know for a fact that it's something I myself will never get around to doing. On August 6, 2014 I made...
  2. GB: B6 Passat LED Inner rings for the SKYLINE LOOK!!!

    Group Buys
    After many questions on getting the inner rings for a affordable price With these you will need to MOD your own inner tail lights (its fairly easy i did it myself in less then an hour) Here is my little DIY with pictures and ect on what you can do and what needs to be done: -...
  3. Skyline look Tails (Donut mod & marker delete)

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    After many emails and questions about the Donut mod and people asking questions to remove the one side marker i figured id do a write up on how to do it thats a LOT easier to follow Okay so to do the Donut Mod you need to remove your outter tail lights (you cant do it with them in the car) the...
  4. This motherfcker is the skyline God would drive

    Anything Auto
    Skyline! 1990 GTSt :bowdown: :rofl:
  5. Nissan Skyline confiscation.

    Anything Auto
    My stepfather is a 204sx owner and a member of Nico Club. He recently found this article from the owner of SkylineOwnersUSA, a forum for the now hard to hold on to nissan skylines. I know were are euro based but I find the efforts by our government to confiscate these skylines a bit extreme and...
  6. How many female new Skyline GTR owners out there?

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    I was wondering how many of you guys know female drivers of the notorious Skyline GTR? Engineered for the GTR races so I assume too for a man. Would you feel intimidated? :salute:
  7. Class or Crass: Nissan Skyline Crossover

    Anything Auto
    Nissan has released little in the way of details, but don't expect any big changes over the Euro-spec EX37, with the latest VQ37VHR version of the company's highly-rated V6 offering up 310 horsepower. So if you've ever woken up in a cold sweat wondering what an Infiniti EX would look like with a...
  8. skyline tail lights

    B6 Garage
    so i've seen pics of the skyline lights, and wanted to know. do we have to buy the rear inner light skyline kit? or can we VAGcom it to have the inners light up? i've had my passat for almost 3 months and didn't notice till now. that the inner ring doesn't light up. whats up with that!
  9. How not to steal a Skyline GTS

    Anything Auto LOL
  10. Porsche 997 Vs. New Skyline

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    there are actually four videos. the one with both cars on the track at the same time is the forth one. hope you like japanese :lol: the skyline handles amazing. the rumor is the car weighs 3700 lbs. so this is pretty impressive...
  11. Anyyone Excited About The New Skyline Gtr

    Classified Archive
    WOW! this is an amazing car! The japs may have finally accomplished the long standing competition to make a car comparable to the M3. up until this point no other car has really gotten my attention to take the M3 out like this one. the prices are comparable, and i don't think the M3 has 0-60...
  12. Who wants to buy a skyline

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    The word is it will be sold in the US but for about 80k only if i was that rich.
  13. In The Works: Nissan Skyline GT-R

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  14. R32 Skyline Pickup

    Anything Auto Ummm.....i have mixed feelings on this:hmmm:
  15. Wanna Skyline GT-R? Here's the place...

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    From Manitoba, Canada, of all places...
  16. 68 Mustang with Nissian Skyline engine built for F&F 3

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    Saw this while looking for a video of falken's drift 69 Camaro.. 68' Mustang with an RB26 Nissian Skyline motor. They have a preety heated debate going on on those forums as you will see. I for one respect the engineering that went in to this, as well as...
  17. In The Works: Official Skyline GTR Prototype

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    And yes its only concept could be P-shopped But who the hell cares, another fast car is born! almost forgot: 2001 proto That should cover all the haters
  18. Saw a skyline, what a joke!

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    So I saw a G35 with a Skyline badge on it. It’s so pathetic that Nissan/Infinite makes a dam car like the G35 and then downgrades it to a Nissan and throws a Skyline badge on it. So stupid. It’s a bloody G35, NOT a skyline. I don’t care what they do in Japan, here it’s a G35. And why can’t...
  19. FS: Blaupunkt San Francisco CD 70 (Skyline Series)

    Classified Archive
    SOLD: Blaupunkt San Francisco CD 70 (Skyline Series) * 45 Watts (Max.) x 4-Ch * 4-Ch Low Impedance Preamp Output @ 5V w/Sub Output * DSA Digital Sound Adjustment / Automatic Self Adjusting EQ * DNC Dynamic Noise Covering / Combats Long Duration Ambient Noise * Calibrated...
  20. Skyline accident...ouch

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    Before After,4057,11472350%255E421,00.html