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  1. skunk + no skidplate =

    Anything Auto
    I just ran over Pepe Le Pew and he, of course, sprayed as he crunched under my Passat. The carwash didn't help, because his stanky little ass is jammed up in the front suspension. Hey Matt, I think I found the answer to your "Time to get a new car" thread! 2005 Passat TDI for sale!
  2. Skunk 1 - Dog 0

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    So we come home last night from a nice four mile walk and let the dog out in the back yard to do her business. She rushes over to one corner of the yard to get after something. I say to my girl, 'Looks like Peanut's got something...' A vigorous sniff by the dog, one small hiss and a stand off...