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  1. Mysterious sixth button on the center console.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey all. Quick question, what does the sixth button on the center console do? Starting from the left I've got the rear window defroster, heated seat control, ASR on/off, then on the passenger's side I have the heated seat control, and... this mysterious button with a switch cover over it. What's...
  2. WTB: ProClip Mount for Sixth Switch

    Classified Archive
    Looking for the Proclip mount that goes in the 6th switch thanks
  3. FS: ProClip Sixth Switch Mount - $22

    Classified Archive
    SOLD FS: ProClip Sixth Switch Mount - $22 SOLD This is a brand new ProClip mount that goes where the sixth switch is. I ordered it and then decided to get the vent mount instead. You will need to order the corresponding device holder to attach to this. More info from ProClip. $22 shipped...
  4. Needed: Sixth Switch Blank

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    I replaced my sixth switch blank with a GPS mount some time ago. I now need to go back to the stock configuration and can't find where I stashed the original blank! Does anyone have one collecting dust I can get? Car is an '05 Passat (B5.5). Thanks, Jack
  5. Sixth Switch FS

    Classified Archive
    I have for sale the infamous "sixth switch" that I bought from Dirk I'd like to get $40 plus shipping out of it. Let me know.
  6. All-New Sixth Generation Passat - Official Photos and Info

    Anything Auto
    Pulled this str8 from the vw media site. THE NEW PASSAT - PERFECT DESIGN AND COMFORT THROUGHOUT (FREE FOR PUBLICATION ON 12-15-2005) Appealing: the Volkswagen for a better journey in a mobile lifestyle Progressive: design with new front section looks ahead to the future of the brand...