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  1. Still trying to figure out this site

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    Looks like I need to post something else new before I can ask questions. Here we go!
  2. Major issues with PassatWorld site

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    Is it just me? It's getting ever increasingly difficult to use this site. Continual loss of web page activity (not responding / recover web page pop-up). Just getting access to the site is becoming more and more of a challenge. I'd say out of an approximate 7 attempts trying to get on, I'm...
  3. New to site and new to VW

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    So I have a 2006 3.6 fwd sport passat and was wondering, is there a fuse fir the passenger side power seats? They all work except for the one the reclines.
  4. Hey guys I'm new to the site.

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    Good evening, my name is Jeremy and, I'm a new VW owner. I just bought a 2015 Passat 2.0 TDI s/e, and am completely new to the diesel engine world. I am really interested in getting max performance out of this engine, and am looking for some directing about where to take the first step in...
  5. The Promo Code BIG15 Adds Additional 15% Savings Site Wide (On Top Of 60% Clearance Too!)

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    The Promo Code BIG15 Adds Additional 15% Savings Site Wide (On Top Of 60% Clearance Too!) Discount Ramps—contrary to their name—offers a wide range of automotive cargo hauling equipment, and running alongside their massive clearance sale (markdowns up to 60%), they've offered up an additional...
  6. Is this site dead?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    On January 14, some 8 days ago at this posting, the newest NMS Passat that will become our 2020 model was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, and not a single person here has said a word about it. This B7 section should have been flooded with comments! Moreover, the VW News section is full of...
  7. transjohnny64 im new to this site

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    i specialize in transmissions 38 yrs ,just bought an 02 passat 1.8T put a clutch in it but my key disappeared ,i need to move the car ,how do i bypass immobolizer ive already pulled ignition starts but wont stay running
  8. New to site!

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    Hey everyone! Long time lurker here! I'm on my 4th VW, a 2004 Passat Wagon 1.8t 4motion. Having some issues so going to post more about it now! Thanks for having me.
  9. New to Site

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    new to this site as I just purchased a 2018 Passat highline with R-line have owned several Jettas over the years and thought it was time to treat my wife to a Passat.
  10. Attention - Changes to the site newsletter.

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    Hello, We are pleased to announce we will be implementing a new method to send out site newsletters. The new newsletter will have a cleaner template and will be sent to participating forum members once a week. We have added an example below of how it will look. This change will not have any...
  11. New to site

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    New registered member but frequent visitor
  12. AW - nothing works anymore on this site!!

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    Old posts I started, not visible. Multi quote, reply with quote and other functionality is in the tank. What's up with our Forum guys?
  13. post 2 nice site

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    good information so far thank all
  14. New to site

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    Thank you for the add :)
  15. Love this site!

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    Proud owner of a B7 Passat :thumbup:
  16. New to Site 2010 VW Passat Wagon

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    Proud owner of a 2010 VW Passat Wagon Deep Black and Cornsilk Interior. So far I love the car and have already done various mods and retrofits to it. Can't wait to post in the B6 forum. Added two quick pictures. When I brought her home... Everything stock except the clear corner. And this...
  17. This site is so idle.....

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    I realize that most car stuff has now shifted to Facebook, which is sad because you have to weed through all the irrelevant drivel that made FB a household name, but it's nevertheless very disappointing to post something here and either not get a reply for days on end, and when you do, it'll be...
  18. New to Site And am having strange things happening to my passat

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    Ok I bought a 2005 Passat 1.5t. Everything was fine for a few weeks then weird things started happening. The lights on the inside will come on only sometimes when I open the door. I have a stop brake service manual that comes on intermittently but brakes are fine. Then one day the buttons and...
  19. Best Parts Identification/Number Site

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    Hello, Having a difficult time finding the correct part number for and right front passenger side axle for my 2005 Passat GLS Wagon, 1.8T, AT, FWD, AWM. I don't have the original axle to refer to. In your opinion, what is the best site to use to try and determine the correct part. I seem to...
  20. New to the site

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    Hello all, I'm new here, but have been an audi owner for years. Recently purchased an '09 Passat for a second car and could use a little help with a few items. Is there anyone with a 2009 Passat with a 2.0l ccta engine that could take a picture of the coolant temperature sensor located below...