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  1. Lease turn in inspection on sisters C70 made me think.

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    Watching the guy do the lease return inspection on my sister's C70 today got me to wondering... First the C70. 2001. 4 years old with 68K on it. Atlantic Blue/Gray leather. 236hp 5 cylinder turbo. 5 speed auto. FWD. Troubles in 4 years: Drivers window switch failed on a 25 degree day with...
  2. Words from our brothers, sisters ...our soldiers.

    The Black Hole
    I am not sure if this belongs in "The Black Hole" or not but nonetheless here goes...from our soldiers returning from Iraq who want the truth told about what is really going on over there. My apologies if its a re-post.
  3. sisters Volvo S40 in the shop = 2002 S80

    Anything Auto
    wo0t my sisters S40 is in the shop for alot of junk to be done and we got a S80 for a loaner! woohoo no more S60s I like big cars :D
  4. Good Bye to all my ClubB5 Brothers and Sisters

    Anything Auto
    I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the great info and reads over the last 3years. This forum is great I have decided to sell my 2000 GLX. I will be posting the particulars in the classifieds later this week, it will also be up on I was flipping back and forth on what to...
  5. Some pics of my sisters car and mine..

    Anything Auto
    She just had her body kit put on about 2 weeks ago along with the dual exhaust. I like the sound of it. Joe