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  1. 2008 B6 3.6 FWD Sirius NO SAT RADIO message

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello, So the radio works; AM/FM, 6 cd changer, when I tap the "SAT" button on the radio, I receive this message "NO SAT RADIO". My SAT unit (mounted passenger side of trunk) appears ok, could it be a fuse? I haven't had water in trunk, and the rest of the radio unit works. Having said...
  2. Android head unit with xm sirius satellite radio?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello I m new to the forum. I have a 2015 vw passat tdi se I dont like the stock radio. I have been looking at the android units. I notice none of them have satellite radio? what has everyone been doing? I know you can use the web for music for free but where i dri ve at times there is no...
  3. Sirius Radio Issue

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a new 2015 VW Passat Wolfsburg Limited Edition and the car has a Premium 8 radio. Sometimes, after starting the car, my Sirius won't connect and it says searching. It will then automatically switch to FM mode and if I hit the SAT button, it tells me Sirius is not activated. It will stay...
  4. RNS-510 Sirius Antenna Extension Cable - $30

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new extension cable for retrofit installation of RNS-510 to extend signal from factory Sirius/XM module to dash. Price includes free shipping to the lower 48. Contact me with any questions. Thanks, Jason
  5. FS: Kenwood DNX6160 Double Din HU -- GPS, Bluetooth, Sirius XM, DVD + more

    Parts For Sale
    Hey all, For sale is a Kenwood DNX6160 double din head unit. It's in fantastic condition and has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. Coolest of all it has built in GPS that works just like any Garmin GPS unit. It has ooodles of features, from iPod/iPhone integration, Sirius...
  6. Entering stations ABOVE 200 on Sirius radio

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    2014 Passat SEL Tsi I just renewed my Sirius subscription, and while looking at all the channels that are available I see that there are channels all the way up to the 700s. I have "updated" my subscription, resent the signal, etc. to no avail. when I try entering any number higher than 200...
  7. 2nd list of to-do's for a college bound kid and his Passat. I need some sirius advice

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This is a new thread that continues on from this thread Battery was replaced Front Tie Rods replaced 2 new front tires replaced "New" used Axel with CV boot Air...
  8. B7 Sirius has Muffled Sound

    Mobile Electronics
    So we got a 2012 Passat a couple of weeks ago and it came with the Sirius radio which I love and would subscribe to after our free period except that all channels sound almost muffled in the car. When I listen to CDs or the regular radio I get much clearer sound than with Sirius. Does anyone...

    Misc for Sale
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S AT&T(new replacement) SIRIUS XM RADIO, GAMECUBE,JEEP PARTs,GUITAR AM Samsung galaxy s (captivate) no scratches, no scuffs, new replacement for my old phone but i left att. Upgraded with android os 2.3.5 $120 or best offer Sirius xm radio , ONYX model with all parts for in car...
  10. Sirius Radio Package $50

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  11. Sirius Travel Link in 2012 Passat

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know anything about Travel Link in the 2012 Passat? Or better have experience with it. I have a TDI SEL with the RNS 510 in it but Travel Link does not seem to be implemented in it contrary to this link. There is no evidence that it exists...
  12. Problems with RNS-510 Sirius

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey folks... so Ive been having an ongoing problem with the 510 on my 2010 Passat that my dealer simply cannot seem to figure out. Originally it started out as a twofold problem, with the unit spontaneously rebooting for no apparently reason and not recording any faults at the reboot, plus a...
  13. FS: OEM MK5 VW Navigation RNS-510 w/ NAVTEQ DVD & GPS+Sirius Antenna COMPLETE PACKAGE

    Parts For Sale
    FS: OEM MK5 VW Navigation RNS-510 w/ NAVTEQ DVD & GPS+Sirius Antenna COMPLETE PACKAGE Updated: JULY-2015 **This is a rev G unit w/ SW4366 Firmware & 2015 10M Maps** **This is a rev G unit w/ SW4366 Firmware & 2015 10M Maps** **This is a rev G unit w/ SW4366 Firmware & 2015 10M Maps** Fits...
  14. FS: Premium 7 Radio with silver buttons, 6 disc changer, and Sirius box

    Parts For Sale
    Mint condition. Taken out of my 2009 B6 Passat. I have the radio code. $95 shipped. - SOLD
  15. Sirius Satellite Part Numbers

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I have a 2006 Passat 2.0T Here is the info that I have found: Satellite receiver module for this car (North American parts only): 8E0 035 593/8E0 057 593 Sirius without RNS-E and without tire pressure monitoring system 8E0 035 593 A/8E0 057 593 A XM without RNS-E and without tire pressure...
  16. Sirius Sattelite Radio Antenna Fail

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Is there a way to test the sharkfin antenna for the OEM Sirius sattelite radio before I consider buying a $275 part? The OEM Sirius radio had a brief bout of connection/disconnection events. Signal would drop followed by repetively displaying the word LINKING before reconnecting. It is now...
  17. XM to SIRIUS

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I have the DynAudio system with NAV in my 06. It came with XM radio. I have had so many problems with XM billing and such that I would like to change the reciever to Sirius. Just wondered if it's possible? I found a Sirius recieciever on line and I called the store and asked if it would directly...
  18. RNS-510 and Sirius tuner antenna

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I'd like to add an RNS-510 in my B6 Passat. Ideally, I'd like to add a real OEM look/equipment. I believe that when standard on B6 Passat, there's a shark antenna on the roof that is used for GPS and Sirius reception (both), am I wrong ? If yes, where to buy this antenna ? There's a lot of fake...