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  1. Wtb B5 Shortshifter

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    I would LOVE to get my hands on one. Anyone want to part with theirs? 98 B5 PM me please.
  2. Feeler: V&S shortshifter

    Group Buys
    Hey, I am in the market for a shortshifter and i think Innovative Performance Products V&S shifter is the one to go with. I was looking on their website and noticed the groupbuy part and i thought id check if anyone else was interested? We need atleast 15 people, and the price will be 134$...
  3. Your ShortShifter of choice?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Im looking to buy a shortshifter soon, I hate how tall the stock one is so I want to make it lower. I was just wondering what PW's short shifter of choice was? If possible can you tell me how low it is and maybe snap a picture or two? Much obliged :thumbup:
  4. DIY shortshifter from Audiworld

    B5 Garage
    I'm all about learning and doing things myself when I can so I was happy to find a pretty thorough article on a DIY shortshifter. The article is Tech->A4 and then its half way down. Has anyone done this and did it go as smooth as it looks? It seems pretty easy with the exception of extending the...
  5. FS: B&M shortshifter **Sold**

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    $100 + shipping!! I am selling a B&M shortshifter off my 97 Audi A4. I've had it installed for about 8 months but I am reverting back to stock. The B&M part number is 45141. It includes the main shifter assembly, ball for non push down reverse applications + retaining ring, billet shift...