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  1. Good Muffler/Exhaust shops near Columbus?

    Dealerships and Service
    Looking to get my Flex pipe fixed on my b5.5 Passat and hoping for a good shop that could fix it properly (after market exhast.) Anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you!
  2. SW Houston area shops?

    Dealerships and Service
    Looking for a shop to service my 2012 Passat 2.5L SEL in the Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg Texas area. The nearest dealer is Archer VW and is horrible. I would prefer an independant shop. TIA
  3. Good shops near San Jose?

    Dealerships and Service
    I've had some good experiences with the AAA Car Care on Brokaw, but if anyone knows a good honest independent VW shop I'd love to have a reference. I'm sure there will be things I can't do myself or don't have time or tools (even at Pit Row).
  4. Shops in the LHV that will install test pipe???

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    anyone know of any local shops/someone that would install my test pipe for me in/near the lhv?? pm or just reply...thanks
  5. Looking for Recommended Shops Around Madison, WI

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just moved to Madison, figured I ask for any recommended shops in the area for my VW in case there were any members from the area. Recommended shops that either specialize in VWs or work with them a lot. Thanks!
  6. Vancouver lowermainlad area reputable repair shops?

    New Member Introductions
    I am looking for some references and experiences with good local repair shops. Not so much dealerships but good local euro repar shops Thank you, Shaun
  7. Shops or DIY garage near Ajax ON?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Anyone know of any affordable shops or places to work on your own car near Ajax? Postal code is L1N8G4. My brother has a B5.5 1.8t that sounds like it has a bad oil pump based on his description but he doesn't have any good shops to try and has no place to work on it where he is staying...
  8. Shops in Miami,FL Area

    USA - South
    hey guys and gals, anyone know of a reputable shop in the area that does good work and not to hard on the wallet??? 1st time Vdub owner so im need to have someone reliable. Thanks. btw, heres my Lucy
  9. Recommendation for auto repair shops in michigan to rebuild VW engines

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello Can someone recommend a good auto repair shop in michigan to rebuild or fix a 2006 VW 2.0T engine? Even if i can order a new rebuilt engine from other states in USA, that is fine too. Thanks Prakash
  10. Trusted shops near Tampa, FL?

    Dealerships and Service
    My girlfriend is moving back home to one of the suburbs of Tampa for school and taking her B6 with her. The car is in great shape but will likely need a full suspension workup within the next few months, and I need to know where to send her. If she wasn't leaving this weekend, I'd do it myself...
  11. Alignment shops in north D/FW

    Dealerships and Service
    I am looking for an alignment shop on the north D/FW area.
  12. labor costs at european shops

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    What is the hourly labor rate at European repair shops in your area? Mine is 85.00 per hour.
  13. Trustworthy Indie Shops in Rochester NY?

    Dealerships and Service
    I recently lost my local indie shop (Anything Auto in Henrietta, ASE Master and all around great guy) and haven't been able to track down where they moved to, so now I'm at a loss on where to go for the WTF stuff. Is anyone familiar with any trustworthy indie shops familiar with VW's in or...
  14. REcommend Indie Shops in Balto/Wash area?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Mods, please move if appropriate. Well, the car resides in a place which does not allow work on the property... Can anyone recommend a competent, fair indie shop, preferably not far from Laurel? TIA.
  15. Any good Washington, DC area tdi shops?

    USA - East
    I'm starting this thread as I couldn't find any recent ones on the same subject. I just picked up a 2005 tdi passat to haul the family. It's my first Passat or tdi, so I want to find a reliable shop withing 45 minutes or so of DC that is good with these motors and cars. Any suggestions will...
  16. Indy shops in Colorado Springs

    B5 Garage
    I'm looking to have some work done on my '01.5 wagon and I don't have a relationship with any independent VW shops in the Colorado Springs area (I've been lucky in that the only things I've need to do to this point, I've been able to do myself, which hasn't been much). I'm not really willing to...
  17. Any Lehigh Valley shops that do resonator deletes???

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    does anyone know of any local shops in the lehigh valley pa area that does resonator deletes i live in wind gap and went to almost everyshop i could think of in wind gap easton bethlehem allentown nazo etc. so i just wanna know if anyone knows of anyother shops where i could get it done or if...
  18. Any good VW repair shops in the Portland, Maine area?

    Dealerships and Service
    My Indy repair shop I have used exclusively for over 10 years suddenly closed its doors. I have had little luck finding a replacement. One place told me they were not accepting any new "clients." As my 2005 Passat is running cold and I have negligible heat, I'd like to find one soon! Does any...
  19. any good shops in RHODE ISLAND? or anyone with passat knowledge looking to make a $

    Dealerships and Service
    Looking for good indy vw mechanic in rhode island area. Please PM me
  20. Oklahoma University? Any good service shops?

    Dealerships and Service
    My son is off to Oklahoma University which is 1200 miles from home. Anybody have any recomendations on a good place for repairs and oil service in the Oklahoma City area?