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  1. Help trouble shooting an overheating issue

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have 2004 Passat with the 2.8L motor. The car has religiously ran at 190 for as long as I have owned it. Recently on my drive home it got hot and pulled off the road. I confirmed coolant tank had fluid in it. I needed to get it to a better spot so I restarted it and turned heater on to see if...
  2. Help with trouble shooting secondary AI Syst.

    New Member Introductions
    I recently purchased a 2000 Passat 1.8t with ATW engine with about 75K miles and have been battling a secondary air injection fault for past 6 months. Initially got the CEL with code indicating the SAI Syst. and took car to a VW mechanic who replaced the pump, but the CEL came back after a few...
  3. Need help trouble shooting

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I bought a 2002 passat 1.8t knowing it had problems but otherwise it is a great car The problems I have been having are as follows: Sluggish Idels rough Sometimes stalls(just started happening) I have already changed the plugs and coils Here's the codes it is currently throwing even after...
  4. New member trouble shooting misfires

    B5 Garage
    So i have a 2004 4motion and my check engine light came on a few weeks ago. Shortly after, my traction control light came on. After scanning the codes i found i have random misfires in all cylinders (p0300,301,302,303,304) as well as p0181 and p0101 which are fuel temp sensor and MAF sensor...
  5. Class Or Crass? Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake Designed By Bertone

    Anything Auto
    One-off Aston Martin Rapide shooting brake for Geneva | Autocar ___________________ Honestly, this looks pretty sexy IMO, I'm not sure what the point of this body style of exotic car is, but at least it looks great. (although the seat color/texture seriously needs to go, not sure WTF they...
  6. Trouble shooting a P0022 CEL Code

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Alright ... I did the Timing Belt job this weekend with help from the forum and the BlauParts kit instructions. Everything went pretty smooth, but today I have a solid state CEL. Went to AutoZone to get the codes read and they came up with the following. P0022 - "A" Camshaft Position - Timing...
  7. Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake Revealed With 557-HP

    Anything Auto
    See more Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake photos at
  8. Manual Transmission Trouble Shooting Help

    B5 Garage
    I need help figuring out my transmission problem. 97 A4 5-sp 2.8 Quattro (A4), 100k miles. Symptoms: With car running, I can shift into any gear car will not move. When I shift (all gears) there are no noises, engine rpm is constant, no movement. Symptoms when it failed: Clutch engagement...
  9. Arizona shooting: in defence of Palin

    The Black Hole
    I rarely feel the need to defend Sarah Palin, but I think this case warrants jumping in. A lot of what I have heard in the media has been pointing the finger at violence-inducing rhetoric in national politics today and Palin's "target" ad on her site has been held up as a leading example. While...
  10. 2011 Mercedes CLS Shooting Break concept

    Anything Auto
    This Shooting Break version based on the upcoming redesigned 2011 CLS. The front end is following similar styling cues from the 2011 SLS Gullwing, which will eventually end up on other models. All I could say is "wow!", and "build it!"
  11. Shocking video on Fort Hood shooting.

    The Black Hole
    This video is well...surprising; this might be a BH topic, so lets see what you guys think.
  12. shooting flames inbetween gears?!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got pulled over tonight on the interstate because I was apparently shooting little bursts of fire out of my exhaust?! I just did a while new exhaust and I am thinking this is the cause (catless test pipe 3" to 2.5" straight pipe no muffler). Is this like, normal? Or do I have a problem with...
  13. One pic, One Word: Porsche Cayman Shooting Break

    Anything Auto
  14. Shooting at the Holocaust Museum

    The Black Hole
    The shooter was an 88 year old longtime white supremacist. This has been alluded to in other threads, but has the election of Obama and a somewhat liberal agenda going to usher in an unprecedented period of domestic terrorism in America? Related to this, I'm not an American so I don't think...
  15. fuel or ignition problem? weeks of trouble shooting

    B5 Garage
    so my car. only when it gets warm. has been doing some weird stuff. jolting and bucking back and forth when i give it gas. has a horrible idle, loss of power, but when its cold is pulls nicely. new ICM no misfire codes, MAF low input evap purge incorrect flow i can hear the evap purge...
  16. Gun violence exacts heavy toll after the shooting

    The Black Hole
    We think about gun violence in terms of deaths, but it's possible the woundings are worse. Woundings exact a toll after the shooting is over The story continues with the positive steps this one fellow has made through hard work and perseverance, and of course, assistance. But how many don't...
  17. Trouble shooting a throttle body!

    B5 Garage
    Awhile back i posted about having a throttle body malfunction. I received some support that helped me get the throttle body out of my vehicle. I cleaned it according to another link and replaced all parts. The car no longer stalls out, it hold an idol very well. The only problem I'm now having...
  18. Need help trouble shooting ABS in 98 Passat

    B5 Garage
    Bought a 98 Passat witht the ABS module giving 2 fault codes from VAG-COM: 1998 Passat, manual, 1.8t VAG-COM Version: Release 409.0-US Control Module Part Number: 8E0 614 111 R Component and/or Version: ABS/ASR 5.3 FRONT D32 Software Coding: 00000 Work Shop Code...
  19. Shooting brake!

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
  20. Trouble Shooting your ICM

    B5 Information-Base
    Trouble Shooting ICM on a B5: All, This is a first pass to get what we need to get this into the InfoSection. Seems like 4-5 ICMs died the last few days with the onset of really cold weather and there were posts on each asking what the symptoms were and how to diag/test. That I am aware of this...