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  1. OEM VW Sharan Stubby Antenna $20

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD Haven’t posted here in forever. Parting out some random items left over. I have VW Sharan Shorty Antenna. It’s an original OEM part bought quite a long time ago (don’t have the part number handy). Had it on my B5.5 Passat from 2003 but should fit all models with this type of roof mounted...
  2. FS: Sharan Antenna

    Classified Archive
    Just pay shipping and send me a smiley face and it's yours.
  3. FS: B5.5 Badgeless Grill with Chrome slats and Surround and OEM Sharan Antenna

    Classified Archive
    I've got a badgeless grille I bought from dubstop with chrome slats and surround for sale. The only flaw is on small corner of the grille which cannot be seen with the hood closed is chipped off. It is the corner where the top bolt goes through to secure the grille to the bumper. The mounting...
  4. Inserting a Sharan watch to B5 headliner

    B5 Garage
    Sirs This mod works only on :b5: and :b55: without sunroof. AFAIK this mod will also work on :b55: with sunroof, but i can´t guarantee for it. It´s definitive NOT working on :b5:´s with sunroof Things to obtain: Digital watch (blue): 7M3 919 203 Y20 or a green one: 7M0 919 203 D Y20...
  5. Question on Sharan Antenna

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anybody know whether the Sharan O.E. antenna is a direct fit to the stock antenna base of the B5.5? I mean, is the base screw of the Sharan antenna a M5, which can fit without modification into the M5 receptacle of the antenna base of a B5.5? TIA.
  6. FS: VW Phatbox (entire kit / 20 GB), VW Sharan Antenna, Forge DV-R (silver).

    Classified Archive
    Hey guys, I'm selling these items because I no longer use them. I no longer use the Phatbox becuase I got a single din DVD player and nav unit! I no longer use the sharan antenna because I am getting the shark fin type antenna from the prius group buy. And I am no longer using the Forge DV-R...
  7. WTB: Sharan antenna with correct screw mount

    Classified Archive
    I bought one over three years ago, though after sitting in the sun for two of those three years, the bottom is disenegrating and I need a new mast. I went through Hillside Imports in WA last time, though I wanted to try here first. TIA! :thumbup:
  8. FS: OEW VW Short Sharan Antenna

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    Believe it or not but I'm going to put the bee stinger back on. After switching to an aftermarket HU, I'm not picking up AM signal as well as I used to when using the OEM HU. Bought it here for $20 shipped, extending the same offer to you. Good condition, no pix but it's your regular short...
  9. In The Works: VW SHARAN

    Anything Auto
    Looks mighty american...what a shame!
  10. OEM VW Sharan antenna

    Classified Archive
    SOLD - OEM VW Sharan antenna Screw-in radio antenna. About 3" long, black color, imported from Germany. Originally OEM for the VW Sharan sold in Europe. Fits the B5 perfectly, unlike the Honda S2000 antenna which does not. I am selling my B5. I have used this antenna for awhile, and have no...
  11. How is the reception with a Sharan antenna?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Thinking about getting a Sharan antenna. How is the reception? Do you lose any reception going with a short antenna?
  12. In The Works: VW Sharan 2006, no specs

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  13. Somebody ganked my Sharan...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Last night while visiting Aroma Cafe in D.C., some fool ganked my Sharan Antenna off the W8. :cry: Usually I would be pissed, but it's sad for idiots to steal something as cheap as an antenna. Oh well, I'll just go buy another one... Looks like it's time to install an aftermarket alarm...
  14. FS: Sharan OEM Antenna (SOLD)

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    Purchased this antenna from hillside about 2 months ago, but decided to switch to a different one. Antenna is in perfect condition. Sharan OEM Antenna $35.00 + $3.85 shipped USPS Priority so... $38.85 and it's yours. PM me for paypal info (I'm a verified premier member) or with questions...
  15. For Sale: Sharan antenna...

    Classified Archive
    $40 shipped... BRAND NEW...i just recieved it on Monday... i also have a JOM black aluminum one i will sell for $20 shipped...

    Anything Auto
    Spotted a Sharan, with what looks like Mexico reg plates, on IL-120 in Gurnee. Didn't know they had them south o' the border...
  17. Sharan Antenna

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can find one of these?
  18. VW Sharan roof watch installed-pics

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    See earlier thread for part# and instructions. (search Sharan)
  19. Installing Sharan roofclock?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm planning to install the VW Sharan clock. Total mod cost like 60 bucks. Has anyone done it? Pics please...
  20. Sharan Antenna arrived!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Came today. Hillside Imports :thumbup: Screwed right on, was 10 bucks less for not needing to be redrilled. I love the look with the navi module.