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  1. Britain's sexiest farmer

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    Not bad! Blonde Anna Simpson has been voted Britain's sexiest female farmer. Miss Simpson, 25, beat hundreds of rivals to be crowned the most attractive female farmer in the country. Miss Simpson, of Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, spends her working life on Windy Hill Farm training sheep dogs...
  2. Sexiest song?

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    I watched (twice) the PBS American Masters thing on Marvin Gaye and obviously the guy just had talent pouring out every pore of his body. Horribly troubled, I mean his own dad shot him dead for god's sake, the drugs, the women, but through it all he kept making what I consider to be some of the...
  3. Sexiest Front Skirt?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey all. I've got the Votex Side & Rear pieces coming my way, but have yet to obtain a front skirt for this project. I've not been around long enough to see too many of the options, although I've been around long enough to know that there are probably a half dz. or so :rolleyes:. You all...
  4. FHM's Sexiest Women of 2008 list

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    100. Britney Spears 99. Victoria Beckham 98. The Olly Girls 97. Amber Heard 96. Carmit Bachar 95. Lauren Conrad 94. Olga Kurylenko 93. Whitney Able 92. Maggie Gyllenhaal 91. Ashley Collette 90. Summer Glau 89. Rachel McAdams 88. Shamron Moore 87. Madonna 86. Reese Witherspoon 85. Olivia Munn 84...
  5. The world's sexiest diesel?

    Anything Auto
    That's the headline today on the MSNBC home page accompanied by this picture - I'd have to agree. :thumbup:
  6. Sexiest Cars of 2006?

    Anything Auto Not a single car on that list would make my top ten for 2006 (I think a couple of them are flat out butt ugly). My list (in no particular order) would look something like this: 1. Porsche Carrera S 2...
  7. sexiest a$$

    Anything Auto
    what cars do you think have the best looking rear ends? personally, i love the look of the old 911's through the 993's but not the 996. i like the way the rear wheel arches blend into the sloping rear deck, and the low slung bumper and taillights. other older cars i like are the alfa giulia...
  8. 944: Sexiest, Classiest, Quickest DD under 10K (well under)?

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    Runners up: 88 M5 (hard to find under 10K) E30 M3 (hard to find under 10K) Corrado discuss.
  9. Sexiest wheels that are available in 17x7?

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    Why do all people run 225/45/17 for their 17's? Having wide tires may be sexy and all, but my wallet doesn't like it. :-P Money goes to waste on the rims, then the tires for the extra width, and then to gas for the extra friction. So I wonder, why go superwide? The only time you'll notice...
  10. State the Sexiest names (male/female) you've heard

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    Just thought about this after speaking with "Natasha" in Toronto... sounded Russian/French... So, speak up, and name the names you think are sexy! Of course, I have to add my wife's: Laurine, from Dublin!