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  1. USA - Central
    EDIT: Seth Traubenberg - Antioch, IL (was: Schaumburg, IL) n00b here ... Well, I've seen these high-tech boards before, but I'm new to this one. Why is that? Because I just signed the paperwork on my 2005 Passat GL this afternoon. Yeah, I bought a GL. Why? Because as part of VW's...
  2. USA - East
    Seth - Bryans Road, MD This past Sat. I purchased my first VW. Silverstone Grey, GLS 5 sp. I am a previous Acura lover so this is a huge move for me. I had to trade in my hooked up RSX for this :cry: . I am awaiting the 5k mark so I can start on the "improvement process". Any gtg's going...
1-2 of 3 Results