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    We have a love hate relationship, i love her she hates me. its great :banghead: Anyways, i can't seem to find out what could possibly be going on.. I've had it sitting for a good year or two, and finally decided to go pick it up and fix the exhaust, the only problem it had when I parked...
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    Found an 03 Audi a6 in the yard with an fairly new set of front brakes. Upon further inspection I realized it had the newer ATE calipers rather than the HP2s found on the S4s. (I'm actually glad since I have a set of s4 HP2 s on my A4 and have brake clearance backspace issues with my custom...
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    i thought it was pretty clever.
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    Hi you guys doing.
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    Rare 1974 VW SP-2
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    I'm potentially purchasing a set of wheels and the seller said he found this weird artifact...He says you can't feel it, maybe a discoloration of the clear coat? Anyone have an idea of what it is? I don't mind if its a cosmetic defect, I just want to make sure its not a integrity issue. Thanks...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Need a little help with this guys, I've searched costantly and can't find anything on my specific coolant temp sensor. first let me give you the pictures. What's happening is I'm getting no "real" over heating issues the gauge just drops off on my randomly or never even climbs up. So it's the...
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    I've never noticed getting the "snowflake" outside of temps in the 30's or below... A few days ago, I got it with a temp of 41F. :icon_eek: Curious if I've won the internet, or if anyone else has experienced this before? :confused:
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    VW Passat B5.5 1.8T 2002 - loosing lots of PS fluid. Got tired of topping up the fluid so decided to remove the rack. Here is the picture of the rack (I think you click thumbnail for larger pic): Passenger side is okay: But check out the driver side! The chrome has been completely rusted...
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    This was an awesome idea and whoever did it, really pulled it off well. This is the only good shot I got when I saw them stopped at a light. Looks like Batman and Batwoman (or maybe Catwoman). I didn't get a chance to get close enough to see the occupants costumes. The rest of these were...
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    Was driving to church this week and saw a smoldering Passat on the side of the road. On the way home I stopped to take a look (and some pics). Looks like a late '99 to early '01 from what I could tell from a quick glance. Had an auto transmission. I wonder if this was related to the fuel...
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    Hello, Here is a great write up for a solution to my possible problem but the pics are dead. How can I see them? Thanks
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    I took it in Croatia in 2009, it is a Skoda Supurb Police cruiser.
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    Hi Guys I would really appreciate some pointers... Just bought the car and noticed problem with lock: Front passenger door is sometimes out of snyc i.e doesnt lock/unlock with rest of the doors. I noticed that the lock button is not flush with the door when its locked compared with the rest...
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    Has anyone seen the Auto-Rx 12 year anniversary sale price check it out on their web site.
  17. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Advent It looks great.
  18. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    A 2003 W8 Passat with the engine swapped to a 1.9TDI 130PD engine, with a 6 speed's 4 motion too. Just thought I would share the link... 2003 Volkswagen Passat Wagon TDI 4Motion - Kitchener / Waterloo Cars For Sale - Kijiji Kitchener / Waterloo Canada.
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    Someone does this VW Rabbitt stretch limo /mercedes grille
  20. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey there, Back in April i was lucky enough to get myself a Passat (55 plate), it's a 2.0L 140BHP TDI SPORT. I love it to bits, it's miles ahead of my old Mondeo Zetec (although I thought that pulled better to be fair, but it was falling apart so it had to go). It's so smooth and the interior...